Apple starts selling updated Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

Apple начала продавать обновленные Magic Keyboard с Touch ID

Apple began selling a wireless Magic Keyboard with a built-in Touch ID fingerprint reader for unlocking and authorizing payments.

Previously, the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID could only be purchased with 24-inch iMac with M1 processor And now everyone can buy the accessory separately. True, Apple separately offers the new Magic Keyboard in only one standard color (white / aluminum), and brighter versions matching the iMac 24 (M1) 2021 palette are still not available separately.

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID costs $149 for the base model and $179 for the full-size one with number pad in the US. For those looking for a complete package, Apple also offers an updated $129 Magic Trackpad with more rounded corners, like the updated Magic Keyboard.

Apple starts selling updated Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

The keyboard and trackpad still use the Lightning port for charging and come with a textile-braided USB Type-C to Lightning cable.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID requires macOS 11.4 or later and the latest Mac – MacBook Air (M1) 2020, MacBook Pro 13 (M1) 2020, iMac 24 (M1) 2021, and Mac mini (M1) Compatible with 2020. Perhaps the most smart keyboard purchase for owners of the 2020 Mac Mini (M1) – the only new Mac out of the box without any Touch ID biometric protection.

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