Apple Watch Series 7 Keyboard Feature Targets US Prosecution – 09/19/2021

Apple Watch Series 7 Keyboard Feature Targets US Prosecution - 09/19/2021

announced the same day new iphone 13, a Apple also released a new version of its smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 7. New features include a bigger screen and a new QWERTY keyboard app.

The latest news is becoming the target of a lawsuit against Apple. The company is being accused of copying the idea of ​​a smartwatch app named FlickType. On Twitter, the resource’s creator, Costa Eleftherio, warned that he should take the story to a US court.

Invention of Eleftherio is a keyboard app released in 2018. There is an iOS version and an Apple Watch version. Eleftherio also produced another version of the keyboard app for blind people and people with low vision, which sparked another dispute with Apple. The company claims that this feature does not work without full access to the network and other iOS features. Eleftherio quit keeping the app live.

But Eleftherio’s most recent story against Apple began in March 2021, when it sued the company for removing FlickType. Application store iPhone. In a statement, the manufacturer was informed by Apple that their app was banned for violating the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

It was with surprise that Eleftherio got the launch of Apple Watch Series 7 with the same application as yours. In his first lawsuit, he alleged that the company tried to buy FlickType for smartwatches and removed the app from its App Store to force it to sell cheaper and devalue its feature.

AO Sight The Verge, A Apple claimed Who changed his mind over time. Originally, the company didn’t think it appropriate to include a keyboard on the small screen of the smartwatch, but in 2019 it saw the potential of the idea and encouraged keyboard apps for the watch. The company admitted that deleting the Eleftherio app was a bug which has now been fixed. FlickType is for sale on the App Store.

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However, Eleftherio says that it took Apple a year to bring FlickType back to the App Store. It was not until January 2020 that the keyboard version of the Apple Watch was approved by Apple. The creator of Flicktype also accused Apple of allowing false reviews to be posted about its apps in the App Store, saying that competitors are the authors of the app reviews.

Amidst this controversy, Eleftherio has become a major enemy of Apple and uses Social Networks To highlight the problems of the company. As for the keyboard app dispute, he warned in a Twitter post that he would see Apple in court.

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