Apple’s AirPod Pro is cheaper than ever before Amazon Prime Day

Apple's AirPod Pro is cheaper than ever before Amazon Prime Day

Priced at around Rs 250, it is relatively well reviewed by Apple and is incredibly popular. Airpods Pro Late recurring discounts of up to ਦੁਆਰਾ 200 by many major US retailers and even wireless service providers.

However, Amazon’s Prime Day is not yet technically a festival, a small company owned by e-commerce giant is already making a fuss Earbuds A pair 9 on sale at the new all-time low price of 189.99.
Before you even think about it, yes, we’re talking about brand new, unused, open and non-purchased items here, so you definitely shouldn’t compare this killer deal (a little). ) Huge savings offered by various eBay vendors on renewal or open box units.
Just like any brand-new product sold by a major retailer at full or low prices, this $ 190 AirPod Pro comes with a standard 1-year warranty that is unmatched by any other. Apples. And although Vote has been owned by Amazon for almost a decade now, this special offer is not billed as part of Prime Day Extravaganza, which means you don’t need a Prime subscription to claim it.
Then again, Amazon Prime members get free standard shipping, so that might not be a bad idea. Sign up for the most popular service at this address. As far as Airpods Pros are worried, the 60’s discount you see today (and only today) could make that puppy the most useful true wireless earbuds throughout the holiday season.
Obviously, you can still buy countless similar products at lower prices than the well-reviewed ones. Samsung Galaxy Bud Live and Jabra Elite Active 75T, but AirPods Active is very unique in terms of noise rejection technology and especially iOS integration.
Apple’s most expensive (For now) the AirPods model is also no pushover when it comes to comfort and overall audio quality, while battery life … can definitely be better.

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