Approximately 30% of PC versions running on Windows 10 20H2 | Technology

Approximately 30% of PC versions running on Windows 10 20H2 |  Technology

According to NevinAs always, the report is based on data collected from 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that are using AdDuplex SDK v.2 or higher. Around 26,000 computers were surveyed and data collected during 26 March.

Start with the most recent release Windows 10 There is a 20H2 version which has seen a significant increase in speed in the last one month. This version is currently available on 29.9% of PCs, up from 20% of February, and is currently the second most used version in place of version 1909.

Proportional partitioning between Windows 10 versions on PC in March 2021

Meanwhile, the 2004 version topped the table, although the growth rate was only modest, with 42.1% of Windows 10 PCs slightly higher than 41.8% in February. The strongest was in the November 2019 update (or 1909). It was only 18.4% PCs, down from 26.8% PCs in the previous month.

Other older versions have also decreased but not significantly. The May 2019 update, or 1903, fell from 5.8% to 4.6%, while version 1809 dropped from 1.4% to 1.2% and from 1803 to 1.7% to 1, 4%. All previous versions accounted for 1.9% of Windows 10 PCs, down from 2.1% combined. On the other hand, the number of users running Insider instances increased from 0.3% to 0.5%, which can stem from the more widely available 21H1 version, both as an ISO and upon first release.

Looking at the historical chart, things are moving as we saw with version 1909, slower than the 2004 version. Compared to many additional updates New feature And a big change.

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