April 1: PS1 Bloodborne canceled and will be a cart game

Imagem de: 1º de abril: Bloodborne de PS1 é cancelado e será um game de kart

Independent developer Lillium Powered Witch, who is building the Demake Bloodborne For PlayStation One, confirmed last Thursday (1), building a graphics engine and a cart title in the universe April 1st.

Video of where the revelation was via a thread Bloodborne cart Were shared. At first, the creator of the game joked with his followers by saying Bloodborne PSX It was officially canceled and replaced with the racing title, but after that minor joke Dev officially announced the game as an additional and “secret” modernity of the PS1 version. Check the wire below.

In the images, it is possible to observe hunters competing against a “twin” between the streets and tunnels of Yarnum, who compete for positions in a system with the same mechanics Mario Kart And its derivatives, and the dissatisfaction spread across the scene, must be gathered. Bloodborne cart Also comes with Easter Egg The Beast Clerical, which appears raging in the center of a portion of the track.

The event will be named Pathumerian Cup, and will be part of the final edition Bloodborne PSX, Which still has no forecast. Fortunately, significant progress has been shown in its development, and Lilium Powered Witch constantly updates its social networks with demos of new videos and resource optimizations.

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What did you think of cart mode? Have you ever imagined about animals Bloodborne Compete with each other? Please leave your opinion in the comments.

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