April has Days Gone, Zombie Army 4 and Oddworld on PS Plus

Imagem de: Days Gone, Zombie Army 4 e Oddworld estão na PS Plus de abril

a Play Station Announced on Wednesday (31) that April will be plus Days gone, Zombie Army 4: Dead War I Oddworld: Soulstorm, Which was already Pre published. While the first two are from PS4Is from the third PS5.

Games between 6 April and 3 May can be redeemed to all who have an active membership to the service.

Days gone Probably the best news on the list. The title Bend Studios was released in 2019 and despite splitting critics, it reached Good sales. Zombie army ४ In 2020 Rebellion was developed and published by Vikas, and earned good marks for being a fun shooter.

As important to remember, PlayStation is also offering Many free games Those who are not plus subscribers can also be redeemed by them. Ratchet and Clank Can be downloaded For example until this Wednesday (31).

So, what did you think of April’s Plus Games? With which title do you intend to play first? Tell us in the comments section below!

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