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AR Rehman and Will I. M talked about breaking boundaries through music. (Photo: Instagram / Arahman,

Renowned musician AR Rehman is having one-on-one virtual conversations with artists from all over the world on his YouTube channel. The The first episode featured popular singer Arijit SinghWhile the second episode, which premiered on Wednesday, was directed by Rehman, the American rapper-composer Willim. Saw talking to. For those who don’t know, they collaborated on the song “It’s My Birthday” in 2014, which is the entertainment of Rehman’s beloved 1994 track “Urvashi”.

The two artists discussed music, Ubiquitous epidemic, Their creative process during an hour-long conversation, among other things. These are some of the highlights.

The epidemic

When asked how he was dealing with the chaos and confusion around him, William said he was doing his best to focus on creating new music. The rapper said he has challenged himself to write three songs a day and has been able to write several songs since the lockout began. Rehman, on the other hand, admitted that Lakda Down has been a time of entertainment as far as music is concerned. The Grammy and Oscar winner said he had never had so much money with me since he started working in the early ’90s.

The role of music in modern times

The writers also spoke about the importance of music in daily life. AR Rehman said that he considers music as a form of therapy. The singer-songwriter said that music, on many levels, serves as an alternative reality that gives hope and peace to the listeners. However, Mozart of Madras further said that sometimes protesting and being in the zone all the time can bring trouble to a person. “Sometimes when I’m ready to go on stage, there’s bad news and I can’t take it on stage … I have to make people happy with the rhythm,” she said.

READ  Taraji p. Henson determined to become a fighter after seeing his mother at Gun Point was curious to know more about Rahman’s process. At one point, he was heard asking the ARR, “When you sit down to write a track, what comes first?” Song or Sonic? Rehman explained that in India, music means a lot to film music, and when one sits down to find a new tune, he works with the film director to come up with novel ideas. “In India, it’s all about movies,” he said. So you will be blessed as a musician because you can’t be a pigeon in doing one thing all the time. I usually follow the director’s thinking. ‘How do you express a familiar feeling in a new way?’ That’s what I see. ”

Future support

As mentioned earlier, AR Rehman and Willie I have previously collaborated on the track “It’s My Birthday”, which is the entertainment of the ex-boyfriend’s song “Urvashi”. During the conversation, the two talked about possible collaboration as William expressed his desire to work with veteran singer Asha Bhosle. Rehman revealed that while compiling the 1995 album Rangeela, he had worked closely with the popular singer. Rehman spoke highly of Bhosle and his high level and will IIM. Who in turn said that he is fond of singers who can perform this kind of variety. mentioned that his last two writings – Elephant and Monkey Business – were inspired by Bollywood music. He added that he hopes to work on his new project Translation 2, which will pay tribute to his Indian influence. Interestingly, Willim’s band Black Eyes Pea recently released a single “Action” featuring various scenes from Indian films.

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The art of making a living

Later in the video, Will I. Asked AR Rehman about the longevity of his career and what he continues to do after working in the industry for so many decades, to which he replied with a simple one-word answer, “Discipline.” “If I lose my discipline, I lose my music. This constant need to improve oneself; Improving myself as a father, husband, citizen and a musician, that’s what keeps me going, “ARR added. The two artists also talked about their personal projects and how it helps them to become artists. Willim talked about educating children about new technologies and business, while Rehman took a look at his KMZ Conservatory, a music college set up for those children. Those who want to learn Western and Indian classical music.

Taking charge

AR Rehman also elaborated on Prime Minister Modi’s concept of ‘Make in India’. ARR said that his vision and understanding of ‘Make in India’ was that the country should take the lead in building and building new avenues in all fields, including music. The path that is ‘constructive, not destructive.’ “I want to unite the world with these ideas. We already have yoga, music and food. But when it comes to developing organic and beautiful things, what can we do? Asked the musician.

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