“Araguana is organised, accessible and recognized; good place to invest”, assures Wagner – Conexão Tocantins

At the official opening of the 54th Agricultural Exhibition (Expora) and 32nd Cavalgada de Araguana, held last Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, the Mayor of Araguana, Wagner Rodrigues, highlighted the potential of Araguana to attract large investments. The event was attended by the entire board of the Rural Association of Araguana, municipal, state and federal political officials, partners and exhibitors.

“We are determined and strong, we are a city with an increasingly strong economy. A city that people believe in. The people who are here are investing more and more in their businesses and those from abroad to invest Come here, because Araguana is the best city to invest in Tocantins. It is a source of pride for all of us”, said Wagner Rodrigues.


In 2022, Expora increased the number of exhibitors compared to the previous in-person edition in 2019. At the time, 139 businesses were exposing their products to an audience of 70,000 visitors and financial transactions totaled BRL 60 million.

This year, there are already 180 stands installed and the association hopes to attract 100 thousand visitors and generate $100 million in business.

context in agribusiness

The president of the Rural Union of Araguana, Wagner Borges, recalled that, during the pandemic, agribusiness did not take off. And relaunching Expora personally shows that there is a lot of desire for more investment and development in this area and the proposal is to develop the exhibition.

“We have to go a step further, we have to go to a trade fair of the same size as Agrotins. We already have conditions here in Araguana, we want to add Agrotins moving the state forward. The more Agrotin-like fairs we have the more development, the more agriculture. And the merit of the Tocantins is agriculture”, the president said.

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In his speech at the opening ceremony, federal deputy Tiago Dimas also highlighted the city’s strength for agribusiness. He noted that Araguana is the only city in Tocantins to export meat to the United States, which has high sanitation requirements.

“That’s why we are very proud to know that our city, our region is so rich in wealth. Araguana is, without a doubt, a reference for agribusiness throughout the state of Tocantins, for the whole region where we have great influence. “, commented the deputy.

longest horse ride in the world

The 32nd Cavalgada de Araguana, consisting of 35 crew and 6,000 horsemen and riders, paraded through the main streets of the city to an audience of over 150,000 people. Considered the largest event of this nature in the world, Cavalgada has a great cultural and economic impact on the city.

Street vendor Raimunda Reis de Moraes saw great results last Sunday in sales of hats, one of the most sought after items by onlookers, whether in character or to protect themselves from the sun.

“The movement was amazing. I always sold on Cavalgada and this year was great. This year was enough to make up for the years that the event was not organized”, Raymunda said.

Required infrastructure for agriculture

“Bridges and side roads are a strong point of our management. They are the ones who provide the flow of production, transportation of students, to come to the city in search of health. We are taking care of our people. It is a management related to the population”, Mayor Wagner Rodrigues reinforced about the investment being made by City Hall in the rural area to provide more conditions for small and medium producers.

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City Hall has already delivered 15 new bridges in the rural area of ​​Araguana out of a total of 31 that are part of the Travesia program. The Machines on the Road program has already reclaimed 100 km of side roads, such as TO-422, a state highway that passes through Deira (Araguana’s agro-industrial district).

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