Araraquara controls Britain’s stress circulation – daily

Araraquara controls Britain's stress circulation - daily

UPA da Villa in Araraquara specifically addresses the cases of Kovid-19 (Photo: AcidDonn)

State health officials and Araqua denied the presence of the English version of Kovid-19 on Monday (15).

The information was released on Friday (12), however, the possibility was dropped after reassessment, as reported by Jean Gorinchetin to Globo News.

This topic was also addressed by Health Secretary, Eliana Honain during CBN Ararkara’s participation in Morning CBN.

“They reevaluated the samples and the evidence was too weak and could not confirm the United Kingdom version. However, the Manaus version was confirmed and more shipments of samples have been sent to the Institute of Tropical Medicine, this percentage is confirmed and We as a concrete fact that the Manaus tension seeps into Araraquada, ”he says.

On this Monday, Arakkara Infirmary and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) reached 100% possession of beds, in both public and private networks.

“The only mechanism we have is too restrictive in measures to restrict this population and maintain social distance and thus avoid transmission, as it proves that the communicability of this strain is much higher than others”, Onain it is said.

“All our efforts will be unfounded if we do not have the support of the population. We discussed this yesterday, the number of beds we need to open in the event of a situation is unpredictable, because if we do not have the support we need for the population. Will not be able, people there will get sick and increase the number of beds and no one can support it ”, he completes.

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