Democrats Press for Access to Vote by US Minorities

Democrats Press for Access to Vote by US Minorities

Democrats threaten to change Senate rules if Republicans continue to block vote rights bill – GETTY IMAGES/AFP/Arquivos

Democrats, with a majority in the US Senate, want to pass a bill at all costs, which they claim to protect minority voters such as Latinos, and to do so they are widely used by Republicans. Threaten to end the parliamentary tradition of “obstacle”. ,

This practice is called parliamentary constraintism and forces the Senate to pass most laws with a total of 60 votes out of 100.

Democrats decided to pass an electoral reform bill that is believed to neutralize a series of sanctions passed in Republican states across the country. They are taking advantage of the wind on the January 6 anniversary of the attack on the Capitol by supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump.

A few months ago, some states imposed voting restrictions on baseless allegations of fraud by Trump and his allies in the 2020 presidential election.

Civil rights unions spoke out because they believe these restrictions make it difficult for minorities, especially African-Americans and Latinos, to vote.

In Georgia, people who give drinks or snacks to voters waiting in line can now face criminal charges. In Iowa and Kansas, those returning faulty ballots on behalf of voters with disabilities can be prosecuted.

Texas has banned car voting and 24-hour voting, and also banned election officials from promoting postal voting.

Similar laws have been adopted in more than a dozen other states, and activists’ advocates say they complicate life for voters.

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To curb these restrictions, Democrats have a bill that has been stuck in the Senate for months due to filibuster.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic head of the Upper House, advocates removing this rule. “The Senate must change, as it has done many times before,” he said in a letter to his fellow Democrats on Monday.

Repealing this parliamentary convention would allow senators to vote by a simple majority that the Democratic camp already has, albeit by a small margin. That way, only with their votes could they adopt a series of measures promoted by President Joe Biden.

“We hope our Republican allies will change course and work with us on the election reform bill,” Schumer said.

Otherwise, before January 17, a text would be put up for vote to amend the famous “constraintism”, he warned, “to protect the foundation of our democracy: free and fair elections”.

In any case, it is not certain that the proposal will be approved, as the two conservative Democrats strongly oppose scrapping the controversial rule, noting that “constraintism” promotes the search for compromise in a democratic system.

While this rule risks shortening his term, for now Biden has been cautious about its possible abandonment.

Biden, who has been a senator for more than 35 years, takes pride in finding common ground with Republicans on issues where both sides struggle.

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