Araujo and Salz discuss combating deforestation with US envoy for climate – 02/17/2021

US trade deficit widens to $ 68.1 billion in November - 01/07/2021

(Reuters) – Foreign Minister Ernesto Arazzo and Environment Minister Ricardo Salles held a virtual meeting with United States climate envoy, John Kerry, on Wednesday, in which they discussed the possibility of cooperation and dialogue in the region of the two countries. Combating climate change and deforestation.

Without giving more details, Itamarti noted in a note that it was agreed to deepen bilateral dialogue in these areas, “with a structured process in frequent meetings, looking for sustainable and sustainable solutions in general meetings”.

“Today we had an important meeting with Secretary John Kerry,” Sayles said in a video.

“We deal with climate change, Amazon and COP issues. In addition, we also deal with the Earth Summit in Washington,” he said. “An important issue, because this is the partnership we are going to establish with the government starting in the United States to address various issues.”

During the White House race, the current US president, Joe Biden, criticized President Jair Bolsonaro’s government’s environmental policy for Amazon and even said he could ban Brazil if the situation does not improve. .

Following criticism of Bideno at the time, Bolsonaro sent a letter to the US president on its inauguration, stating that Brazil is ready to move forward with a partnership to protect the environment, especially Amazon.

(Reporting by Lysandra Paraguassu)

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