Are you affected by a major Facebook data leak? Now you can verify this easily – nowivě.cz

Are you affected by a major Facebook data leak?  Now you can verify this easily - nowivě.cz

It leaked during Easter weekend Big trouble on facebook. A rich database of its users derived from earlier leaks has entered the Internet. It has records of 533 million users. About 1.4 million of them were from the Czech Republic.

The database was created in 2019, when it was still possible to extract data from Facebook. These are the name, Facebook ID, date of birth, phone number, email address, location and other details provided by the user. Fortunately, it was not an internal database and is not part of the password, even in an encrypted state. However, it is still an interesting set of data that can be misused for individually targeted hacking.

If you want to verify that your account is part of a leak, you can already use the service, Which incorporated data from leaks into its database. Remind you that this is a reliable service that collects publicly available data leaks and allows you to verify that any leaks affect you. Verification is done by entering an e-mail. However, it is a fact that in the case of current Facebook data leaks, not all user records are complementary to e-mail, so verification is not completely 100%.

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