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LOS ANGELES, USA – In a video that went viral on Twitter this Sunday, 10, of the former governor California And the star of the “Terminator” franchise, Arnold SchwarzeneggerStrongly condemned Capitol invasion By presidential defenders Donald Trump Last Day 6. The Republican compared last week’s incident Crystal night, One of the most striking episodes of Nazism.

In the 1938 incident, about 100 Jews, a proponent of the Holocaust, were executed, thousands of Jewish homes, small businesses, and centers in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia were destroyed. About 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

“Wednesday was a crystal night here in the United States. The broken glass was the one on the Capitol window,” he said, adding that Proud Boys, a far-flung group supporting Trude, conforms to today’s Nazis. “The crowd did not just break the capital’s windows, but it shattered the views we had taken.”

With the United States and California flags in the background, Schwarzenegger, who became an American in 1983, recounted his experiences growing up in the country of Central Europe and compared them to what he sees in America today:

“Being from Europe, I first saw how things could get out of hand,” said he, who was born in 1947, two years after the end of World War II.

Republicans, who were California governors between 2003 and 2011, said they did not believe something similar would happen in the United States, but warned that Americans should be aware of the “harsh consequences of selfishness and cynicism.”

In a mere seven-minute video, which was viewed more than 14.3 million times in 7 hours, he reported that it was surrounded by men who resorted to alcohol because of “guilt for participating in the worst regime in history”. Was. His father, like his neighbors, would come home drunk once or twice a week, intimidating children and assaulting his mother.

The former governor said he never spoke publicly about it because it was painful, but he opted to do so now to highlight the “emotional pain” that these people had or witnessed.

“My father and our neighbors were also deceived by lying,” he said. “And I know where those lies end up.”

Schwarzenegger, a longtime Trump critic, described the president as a “failed leader” and “the worst president in history.” Citing the book, “Profile of Courage,” written by former President John Kennedy, the former governor said many current Republicans would never see his name in similar works because he called it “cowardice”.

“The good part is that soon, [Trump] It would be irrelevant like an old Twitter message.

Demanding a bipartisan union, Schwarzenegger stressed the need to repair the damage to democracy. Referring to his film “Conan, the Barbarian” (1982), he raised a sword to his desk, stating that to make it, it was necessary to hammer it, heat it and cool it several times:

“This is Conan’s sword,” he said. “Our democracy is like the metal of that sword. The more angry it is, the stronger it is.”

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