Arteta denies responsibility for Aubameyang’s departure – 07/03/2022

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After some friction with coach Mikel Arteta, striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was dropped from Arsenal’s main squad. As an alternative, the player asked to leave the club and settled with Barcelona at zero cost. Faced with a living moment at the Catalan club, coach Mikel Arteta was accused of wrongfully releasing the player and was cited as the main responsible for the error.

This Monday (07), Arteta responded to the allegations he is facing and assured that Aubameyang’s departure was a settlement with all parties involved. The coach explained that this was just a method in the process, but not the main one, and also did not define the departure of the striker, who is now in the service of Barcelona.

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, Here at Arsenal we always make decisions thinking about what is best for the club and doing our best on the pitch. We let Aubameyang go after an agreement between the three parties involved in the talks. Everyone agreed that, at the time, the best thing to do was to leave. Did he follow that path and go to Barcelona? Arteta said during an interview with UK Press.

Now Aubameyang is experiencing a better phase at Barcelona than he was showing at Arsenal. The Gabonese striker has already scored five goals in seven matches for the Spanish club. In England, during the first half of the season, Aubameyang scored seven times in 15 matches he played before being sent off by Mikel Arteta.

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Despite Aubameyang’s absence, Arsenal have been able to improve on their offensive in recent games. The team scored seven goals taking into account the last three matches played in the Premier League. Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette, now the team’s main offensive reference, has scored six goals in 26 games.

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