Aruba accelerates digital transformation from edge to cloud on Microsoft Azure.

This brand new solution simplifies connecting to IoT devices. And bring the capabilities of Aruba ESP to be compatible with Microsoft Azure.

Bangkok, April 19, 2021 Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) subsidiary and Microsoft today announced two new solutions that will enable businesses to accelerate digital transformation from edge to cloud. Microsoft Azure will work to bridge the gap between Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) and Microsoft Azure. Better together. The first solution announced in Microsoft Ignite 2021 was: Aruba IoT Transport for Azure Aruba, a service that enables IoT devices to connect to the Aruba Access Point (AP) and conduct bidirectional communication with the Azure IoT hub. Aruba Central Cloud Management Platform Based on Azure, Aruba’s enterprise cloud-managed networking solutions that already manage more than 1 million devices can be deployed from Azure.

A faster route dedicated to information from IoT devices.
IoT devices are the eyes and ears of every smart facility when they work with a highly secure cloud-infrastructure. The more information they collect, the higher their value. This is especially true when those infrastructure systems are capable of responding to any business and application system used in that smart facility project. How many IoT devices are being used? Through IoT tools, awareness of events occurring within a project is multiplied and helps businesses obtain more valuable information. As a result, the overall infrastructure system is capable of making business goals more cost-effective and more responsive.

However, implementing cost-effective and secure IoT monitoring and control systems is another major challenge. As the data and its sources are diverse, older IoT devices may not be able to implement standard protocols to preserve the transmission path. These are some of the hurdles that businesses may face when developing any vertical modernization program.

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Aruba and Microsoft Working together to develop Aruba IoT Transport for Azure Services is the first application developed specifically to solve these questions. Aruba IoT Transport for Azure greatly increases the efficiency of Aruba ESP. By enabling stable and secure bi-directional transmission for IoT devices. Aruba is connected via AP and controller. As a result, users can take full advantage of the vast array of services and applications available on Azure. This makes it possible to reduce delays during data transmission. The solution will enable customers to quickly deploy IoT systems and services on existing Aruba systems. This reduces the cost and risk of developing custom systems or implementing new solutions. All these features allow customers to focus on modernizing their areas, event awareness and implementation. And in-depth knowledge analysis from their own business processes

Security is another important aspect of the IoT system, as many IoT devices lack security, and Aruba IoT Transport for Azure is designed with security issues in mind. Flexible authentication provides data management and security policy-making capabilities to fully protect IoT devices from a wide range of external and internal threats to the network at the control plane and data plane levels.

Enterprise Cloud-Managed Network on Azure
The IDC Technology Research team has determined that by 2022, 50% of the deployed infrastructure will be built on a high priority edge, and by 2024 (2024), more than 75% of the infrastructure in the Edge will be deployed and maintained. Service. Whatever it is, services require scalability for managing distributed infrastructure systems in many areas. Good and secure, Aruba ESP integrates infrastructure for IT, IoT and OT (Operational Technology) devices. Ready to maintain security with zero trust and use AIOps to manage systems in a cloud-native way that always analyzes all data. Ready to predict problem trends and fix them in advance from the device at the network edge.

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A key component of Aruba ESP is Aruba Central, a cloud-native service system designed by Aruba Central on Ajuba to fully manage indoor, branch, remote, and data center networks. This will help the administrator. IT can centrally manage and optimize network operations.

“End-to-end, networking and IoT devices have huge benefits for businesses. However, these two technologies are facing challenges of interoperability between multiple platforms, applications, and systems, ”said Michael Tennifoss, vice president of Heolet Pack, IoT and Strategic Partnership, Aruba, adding that“ Edge TTT and cloud services are easier to work with. Integration. Aruba ESP and Microsoft Azure capabilities require advanced cloud capabilities to overcome these challenges. Both these systems can do this without compromising security, management and security. Or in any way 99.99% coverage of Azure, the reliability of the system and the durability has attracted the attention of customers around the world. Want to make more informed business decisions. And constantly improve the working process to make it better “

“IoT has helped businesses make more informed decisions. Make work more efficient, more stable. “Our collaboration with Aruba has made it possible for IT admins to work with them,” said Sam George, Microsoft’s vice president of Azure IoT. The more IoT devices there are within the enterprise, the easier it is. Enables them to use their existing Aruba networking to connect their devices to the Microsoft Azure IoT hub with secure bi-directional traffic. This approach is considered meaningful. And can build on a powerful change “

Aruba IoT transportation to Azure and Azuba Central will be available later this year. For more information about Aruba Solutions for Microsoft, please visit us at

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