‘As long as we have shirts, we’ll be competitive’

'As long as we have shirts, we'll be competitive'

UK government-imposed restrictions have left Chelsea financially restricted and affected the club’s logistics

Thomas Tuchel British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman questioned the priorities of the British government after describing football fans Chelsea Chanting Roman Abramovich’s name in matches as “completely inappropriate”.

Abramovich was disqualified as director Premier League On Saturday, following government sanctions that identified a 55-year-old man as one of seven Russian oligarchs with business interests in Britain who had close ties to Vladimir Putin.

After Chelsea’s 4-0 win burnley On 5 March, Tuchel urged fans who shouted in support of Abramovich during a minute of applause organized as a show of solidarity with Ukraine, to “show respect” after Russia’s invasion of the country.

But Tuchel questioned Johnson’s spokesman, suggested Monday, when Abramovich’s brief chants were heard in last weekend’s win. Newcastle At Stamford Bridge, while “we recognize the power of people feeling around clubs, this does not justify behavior that is completely inappropriate at this point.

,I think people can show passion and support for the club without resorting to such things.,

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday ahead of the second leg of the Round of 16 Champions League against lilyTuchel said: “I heard about it. I just heard about it a few minutes ago. I don’t know if, in these times, it’s the most important discussion happening in Parliament.”

“I don’t know whether fans’ chants are being discussed in Parliament. That means we have to worry about the priorities of this government. But okay, listen, there’s no need to comment on my part. We have a lot of pressing things to discuss and deal with.”

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Abramovich has put the club up for sale as a result of sanctions with the government, which must approve a license for Chelsea to find a new owner.

A preferred bidder is expected to be identified on Friday but until the sale is complete, Chelsea will have to operate under strict financial guidelines, which include spending no more than £20,000 on trips to away games .

Chelsea’s visit to Lille was paid for prior to the UK government’s decision to impose sanctions last Thursday and therefore remains unchanged, but Tuchel said plans have been put on hold for Saturday’s visit to the FA Cup final against Middlesbrough. deviated from the norm.

“There are restrictions and we have to deal with them,” Tuchel said. “There is an adjustment in the number of employees who are traveling, how many rooms we have in hotels and how we go to games.”

,It’s not about luxury. It’s just a professional level game where we play with our opponent for two days apart from four days and we come with injury possibilities. For this it is better to reach by plane than by bus.,

“We tried to do that. From my understanding, we have a structure to play at Lille without any excuse. With respect to these organizations, things are already more difficult at the professional level than, at best, the FA For the cup… deal with it.”

,As long as we have shirts and survive as a team, we will remain competitive and fight hard for our success. We are indebted to those who support us in a very invisible way, Of course, we are in the limelight and it is our responsibility to do so.

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