Astros vs. Ray Scores: Huu Stun kept the season alive as Jose Altouv, George Springer wins Homer 4

Astros vs. Ray Scores: Huu Stun kept the season alive as Jose Altouv, George Springer wins Homer 4

The Astros were given no distinction for making a mistake in Game 4 against the LCS Rays on Wednesday, and the defending American League champions responded accordingly. With a 3-0 draw in the top seven series, the Astros beat the Tales 4-3 in Game 4 and forced a Game 5.

Jack Greenke turned a solid six innings for Huston and Jose Altouve and George Springer played Tyler Glasno’s innings with each other’s hard work. For Rays, Randy Arozrena continued his automated October run with his two-run shot – his fifth home run and the 19th hit of the 2020 postseason. Rays counted a rally in the ninth, while Willie Adams doubled a two-run double from Ryan Presley to plate Joey Wendell and reduce the deficit to one run. Adams finished third on the wild pitch, but the press retired Yoshi Tsutsugo on a well-humpback liner to reach the final.

The Astros will face another elimination game on Thursday at San Diego’s fair-site Patco Park, as they try to become only the second team in MLB history to win the playoff series below 0-3. Kiran, meanwhile, is one victory away from the second writing in the franchise’s history.

Now to learn something about Game 4.

Altuway was a redemption game

Altuv came into Game 4 with a slash line of .385 / .467 / .846 for the current LCS, so he didn’t have a kill problem. However, Altowe has made three serious throwing mistakes in the series, which were requested by Steve Sex and Chuck Noblewatch and raised concerns that Altoway is suffering from dangerous “Yips”.

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Despite this, Altuv gave the Astros a 1-0 lead in the first inning in Game 4, and then in the third he doubled a clutch to double the second run of the game. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

As mentioned above, Springer also sat at home in Game 4, and saw this bit of shared history:

He is also tied for the highest postseason home run in Astros franchise history.

Greenke presented in difficult situations

Greenke turned 37 in a few days, is in his 17th major league season, and could one day be in the Hall of Fame. In this sense, it is strange to say unknown quantities. However, the circumstances surrounding his Game 4 start made him the same. Greenke is dealing with an arm injury and as a result was pushed into Houston’s ALCS rotation. At the same time, the said last arm impressed him in his last start, in which he allowed four runs in 4 2/3 innings against A in Game 4 of the LDS.

Greenkey, however, came into Game 4. It wasn’t his most impressive round, but it was one of the most impressive at a time when the Astros could offer nothing less:

Greenke’s final frame was particularly dramatic. He started at number six by retiring Mike Junino on a flyout, but then he got a back-to-back singles. At that moment, reliever Ryan Presley warmed up and he started moving towards the mound. On the mound, however, manager Dusty Baker decided on non-traditional-by-current-criteria to stay connected to Greenkey. To repeat, Greenkey was coming out of the terrible arm, and he hadn’t played it in depth since September 8th. It’s a dangerous place for an early pitcher who was also in third-order racing. Still and still, Baker stuck with his boss.

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Greenke struck Arozrena in the second out, but then G-Man Choi reached an infield number. Baker didn’t blink and let Greenkey face Mike Brosio. Brucio completed the full count, but then Greenke stopped a clutch change for three strikeouts.

The innings ended. The Astros’ bulge took over. Reese put up a run in the ninth but was stopped by the press with a potential tie at the third base.

Rays are still in command

Yes, Tampa Bay is still 3-1 up, which means they only need to win one more game before the Astros can win three more. Not surprisingly, Reese’s teams in the current Straits often cleared this short strip. Specifically, the teams leading 3-1 in the seven-MLB Postseason Series Top-Seven MLB Series have advanced the series to 85.1 percent. On the other hand, the 3-1 teams have won Game 5 by only 50.6 percent. Houston, your hope.


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