At the airport, Marcos Braz reveals the date of Paulo Sousa’s performance at Flamengo

At the airport, Marcos Braz reveals the date of Paulo Sousa's performance at Flamengo

Marcos Braz arrives at Lisbon International Airport with new coach Paulo Sousa flamengo, to travel to Brazil this Thursday night. Before boarding, however, the club’s football VP spoke quickly with the Fla-Portugal embassy and revealed the day the new Mr.

Paulo Sousa is on his way to Brazil (Photo: Reproduction)

Photo: Throw!

His presentation will be on Monday. You’ll arrive earlier, you’ll see where you’re going to work, know a little about the city, and on Monday you’ll start working – Braz told Instagram Embassy Fla-Portugal.

It is worth remembering that Manuel Cordeiro and Victor Sánchez (technical assistant), Antonio Gómez (physical instructor), Luis Sala (physical instructor), Cosimo Cappagli (analyst) and César Andrade (technical assistant) are the other professionals who will be on this page. Flight from Paulo Sousa and Marcos Brez to Brazil. The exception is goalkeeper coach Paulo Grillo, who is in the United States and will head straight to Brazil, this Friday.

The flight bringing them to Brazil takes off from Lisbon at 8:35 pm on Thursday and arrives in Rio de Janeiro at 6:30 am on Friday (Brasilia time).

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