At the top of the women’s team, Rafael sees an unfair defeat to USA

At the top of the women's team, Rafael sees an unfair defeat to USA

Defender Rafael believes that the Brazilian women’s team’s defeat in the United States last Sunday (21) was unfair. Facing current world champions and leaders of the International Football Federation (FIFA) rankings, Brazil had opportunities but faced rivals intensely, especially in the opening minutes, and she went 2– from the second round of Xi Lost by 0 A belief-friendly match was played in Orlando (USA), which serves as preparation for the Tokyo Olympics (Japan).

“I think playing against the USA always causes a bit of panic. We knew they would put pressure in the beginning and also make it their own, which is a reality that we haven’t done in the last few matches. The team It takes a little while to fit. [primeiro] The goal went out in the beginning, but we were able to overcome and meet in the game. We made some chances while commenting on Rafael at a press conference on Monday (22) and we either pulled or turned.

He said, “We were successful in what we had proposed from the beginning. [segundo] The goal came in a move, which was unfortunate for us, but we were well prepared. I think the result was not fair. It can be a draw, we will leave the field happy ”, completed the defender, who was 29 years old and who works for Changchun Dazhong (China).

Against USA, five changes were promoted in the lineup by coach Pia Sundej, who beat Argentina 4–1 last Thursday (18). The main change was on the right, with the departure of Camilleha (midfielder) and the entry of Kathleen (defective). Since only 18 players can be called to the Olympics, Sved is taking advantage of the doubles to test the team’s versatility.

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“Piya is experimenting a lot with the sides. I think the difference in keeping the defender on the side, as we sometimes trained with Bruna [Benites, zagueira] Even from the right, when we attack from the left, we are left with three defenders. Therefore, we balance the team quickly and are a good option in defense to prevent counterattack. This strengthens the back line and frees the left wing to attack more, ”explained Rafael.

By the way, the defender is growing up with the coach, who praised him in the last two interviews, which he gave and has already said that he sees him as the holder of Brazil’s defense with Erica, whom he does not believe Was because of a wound. In the most recent contact with reporters, after the North American debacle, Pia rated that Rafael was the best player in the field.

“I have always been an athlete of great strength and speed. They are the characteristics of the team that Pia wants. I think that [o momento] This is the result of work done with us in the Brazilian team, which emphasizes the defensive part. We have always done well in the attack and now it is taking the stance of European culture to help us in defense. I hear a lot, trying to follow the game plan and it has been very successful ”, the defender concluded.

Brazil says goodbye this Wednesday (24), 18th (Brasilia time), again against Canada at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando.

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