Athletes from Crisilma push their limits and compete at the Ironman in Florianopolis

Athletes from Crisilma push their limits and compete at the Ironman in Florianopolis

Crisilma’s representatives will be at Ironman Brasil in Florianopolis on May 29. This will be the 20th edition of the race, which includes 3.9 km swim, 180 km bike ride and 42.1 km run. are athletes Philip Rezendes Colombo, Rafael Zanatta, Rafael Dal Bo Mazuco, Siro Damiani, Estevan Burigo e Silva And Larissa Piacentini Cancellier,

Ironman Brasil has, throughout the years, brought together athletes from different countries, and it will be no different in 2022. There are 34 countries whose representatives will be in this edition, some of them for the first time, as in the case of Iran. Curaçao and Lithuania. The largest delegation is from Brazil, with 1,750 contestants, followed by Argentina, with 216, the United States, with 84, and Chile, with 41.

Chrisima represents athlete SR Mumpituba. athlete Rafael Dal Bo Mazuco, 39 years old, he weighed 110 kg in 2019 but with a dietary retraining, he started cycling. “I got to know triathlon through friends and started practicing the following year. The sport helped me a lot to have discipline and control my anxiety. Today, I have a lighter life with a lot of discipline and focus, Because it has affected the whole family… My 8 year old son is already participating and held the first competition”, he says.

Overcoming is also the word that defines Larissa Piacentini Cancellier, 37. “I weighed 120 kg, had bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) in 2012 and started running in the same year and in 2016 I started triathlon. Apart from helping with the weight loss process, the sport complemented my lifestyle. Kind of changed. Sports, especially diet and discipline result. Today, I can’t imagine life without triathlon”, he says.

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“Our athletes prepared a lot for the competition, practically a one year cycle of training, all our athletes were written off before the pandemic, it will be a test of resumption and if Iron meets it we will Going to do a good test. Already a big win, the athletes’ coach highlights, Tiago Gomes Marcelino,

See below for athlete information:

Philip Rezendes Colombo
36 years
Category M35-39
first ironman

Rafael Zanatta
40 years
second ironman

Rafael Dal Bo Mazuco
39 years old
first ironman

Siro Damiani
38 years
M 35/39
first ironman

Estevan Burigo e Silva
44 years
Category M 40/44
second ironman

Larissa Piacentini Cancellier
37 years
first ironman

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