Atlético-MG Colombian striker Yimani Graze – gives part of debt on sports sales

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Atletico-MG reported, on Monday, in a statement, a $ 7.9 million payment to Junior Barranquilla referred to 30% of Yimmy Cher’s sales to the Portland Timbers at the end of 2019.

The athlete was sold to the North American team for US $ 6 million, but the first installment of only 4 million was paid on the spot and the second US $ 1 million was paid in January 2021. The mining team has not yet received US $ 1. Million remaining in 2022 with a new incidence of 30% of Junior Barranquilla.

“This Monday (10), Clube Atlético Mineiro paid with FIFA a loan related to a percentage of Junnier Barranquilla of Colombia he was entitled to on the sale of athlete Yimmy Chara, from the United States to the Portland Timbers. Payment. About $ 7.92 million is another important step, completed in the process of clearing Clube’s finances, which have already paid FIFA about 35 million in 2021, related to loans contracted in the previous administration – Atlético- MG said in a statement.

According to the board’s statement, the athletic club paid FIFA about R $ 35 million in 2021, referring to loans it had contracted to previous management in other negotiations with the purchase of athletes.

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