Atletico’s adventurous project seduced Hulk, who had a 30% larger offer

Atletico's adventurous project seduced Hulk, who had a 30% larger offer

Striker Hulk’s staff and Atletico-MG leaders, a club that repatriates an international football star, require effort from both sides and a lot of breathing on both sides. Along the route for the Brazilian team, Paraba’s athletes come to the national football elite for their first experience at a great club, as they have paved the full path to their success abroad.

With no date set to land in Belo Horizonte, the first and effective hiring of the roster for 2021 did not select club Alvingro at all due to a financial offer. Further in the conversation, according to Hulk’s representative, businessman Marissa Aliza, the 34-year-old striker-turned-overseas clubs made “much more lucrative” offers. The striker liked Atletico-MG for what the agent called the “audacious project” of current athletic leaders.

“The player who used to seduce was not the financial side, which was not the most profitable, it was bold planning, the possibility of being in a top club, a major club, building a stadium, with good for the next Chances are Marissa said that for the prospect of playing great championships, she always dreamed of a Brazilian championship, the Copa Libertadores, as a boy, that Atletico-MG would make it possible. sport.

“The way the club is restructuring has shown us the consolidated plan. It wasn’t just verbal, they managed to show us something effective, real, and it brought Hulk A security, a great enthusiasm to be a part of it. He said that Atletico-MG will develop in the coming years. “

At the beginning of the conversation with the report, Marissa Aliza joked that she was tired, as the conversation demanded a lot of dialogue and a lot of play on both sides. Even to prevent other parties from going through the deal.

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“” This was a complex task, to equalize the numbers by the player’s magnitude, which also increases the magnitude of the values. We needed to equalize all of this, within the club’s prospects and Hulk’s chances. The player was more profitable. More expressive with propositions, values, but they kept many things at large. It is always a financial sacrifice, on the one hand a financial effort of the club is a player of this size, and on the other hand it leaves expressive value not just to focus on the financial side “, commented.

Most profitable offer

Brazilian clubs such as Palmiras and Flamengo have recently shown interest in the Hulk. Like Turkish Besiktas and Istanbul Basasihir, Portuguese Porto, a club of Saudi Al Hilal and Major League Soccer, is the main football league in the United States.

“There were other beneficial offers around 30%. We were interested in Brazil, outside the country. Hulk He passed, he strengthened his career, he was victorious, he fought for artillery. And it gives him an easy proposition, it was never a problem, we had many the option,Some better, others not so good ”, revealed Aliza.

In Brazil, the Hulk will have the opportunity to realize important and personal dreams, now provided by Atletico-MG. “There was a question of playing in their country, playing big championships, being close to their family, and really feeling the human warmth of Brazil’s football, something they didn’t have practically. They were with Vittoria very quickly. , Closed at a very young age. Practically only the club went through [entre 2004 e 2005, quando tinha 18 anos] And built his entire career abroad. “

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Trading with cock

According to Businesswomen, negotiations between Atletico-MG and Hulk lasted for about a month, and Rodrigo was the figure of Ketano, a strong point that also guarantees the player confidence.

“We were in this conversation for over a month, the survey was done first, but in the last few days, we had more intensive work. Rodrigo Catano. [diretor de futebol do Atlético-MG] He was very thoughtful, doing everything on behalf of the club, but also understood the complexity on behalf of the player, explained Alija.

“The contract is being closed. It was important for the club, for reasons of recognition, hierarchy and financial efforts, to be announced. In that sense all the documents were organized, completed, to guarantee good perception. . Fans were hoping. We would turn down some bureaucratic details, but Hulk is prepared to go to Belo Horizonte when he is commanded to do so. Very soon he will be in town “, he concluded.

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