Attack victim saved from shooting by Moto G5 in Brazil

Attack victim saved from shooting by Moto G5 in Brazil

Many people often joke that old “brick” cell phones can break the floor instead of having their screens break in a fall. But the truth is that many smartphones are built very sturdy. Some can even withstand bullets.

This happened last week right here in Brazil: An unidentified robbery victim escaped with serious injuries after approaching the perpetrator thanks to her cell phone. Daring moto g5 He managed to stop the bullet in the hip.

The interesting thing is that the smartphone motorola Hulk was wearing a protective cape. Fortunately, the projectile did not touch the victim’s body, but did not avoid cell phone damage. The impact shattered the screen, and the pressure was so much that the back was also a bit bloated.

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The episode is accounted for by Dr Pedro Carvalho, who was with the victim at the University Hospital Petrolina in Pernambuco. Complicating hip pain, the professional expected the worst after hearing about the incident, and was surprised to see that the cell phone prevented any punctures.

life saving smartphone

The culprit is yet to be traced and the victim has been released after palliative care. The matter went viral on the social network of the doctor, who last October 7 reported the curious service.

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The circumstances of the Petrolina robbery are not yet fully known. According to the Daily Mail, law enforcement officials have not confirmed whether they will pursue the investigation.

Remember that the Moto G5 is a relatively old cell phone, and its build is less related to thickness and design, which can be important in giving the necessary resistance to “hold” the bullet.

However, this is not the first time that a cell phone has put someone’s life in danger. Despite some incidents of smartphones being the cause of accidents, devices have already played a major role. other acts of gallantry — at the expense of your internal circuit to disintegrate.

Source: daily mail

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