Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers receives new game trailer featuring snowdrop technology

Avatar: Pandora's Frontiers receives new game trailer featuring snowdrop technology

technology of sport Avatar: Pandora’s Limits was revealed in a new trailer revealed by Ubisoft, which uses the Snowdrop engine to develop the entire game universe, which will take place in an open world and very close to the movie Avatar gives Disney 2009.

In the trailer, the developers talk about building Pandora, which has a very unique biodiversity, with dense forests and different landscapes visible from the sky. One of the main highlights is the optimization of texture processing, which will allow for faster loading, as well as freeing up space for other systems, such as windmills and interactive plants.

Another highlight are the NPCs (non-player characters), who will have unique tasks to bring more realism to the game, in addition to changing their behavior according to player decisions and changes in the world.

The surroundings and unique nature of the Avatar universe (Courtesy/Ubisoft)

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers was announced during E3 2021, but it will launch in 2022 (no date set) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X consoles. S, PC, Google Stadia and Luna.

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