Ubisoft has finally shown the first trailer for its new game based on the movie Avatar. The announcement was made at his panel at E3 this Saturday (12). The game will be called Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers.

Watch the trailer above, which focuses heavily on Pandora’s creatures. There are also scenes of aerial combat between Na’Vi and the human invaders.

The content does not show gameplay, but the interviewer at the event claimed that it was an open-world, first-person game.

The title will be specific to the new generation: PS5, xbox series x and s and pc. The release was promised for 2022, with no specific date.

Avatar was officially announced in 2017. was done in partnership with big entertainment I Lightstorm Entertainment (Director’s Company movie, James Cameron). But it has faced constant delays since then, as the feature’s sequel, Avatar 2, was also delayed. Now it’s expected to hit theaters in 2022 – probably by the end of the year.

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