B Geez’s first disco number 1 hit was inspired by Ricky Bridge

B Geez’s first disco number 1 hit was inspired by Ricky Bridge

B Geez is one of the most famous bands in the history of disco, however, they did not start making disco music. The No. 1 hit changed the course of his career forever. Here’s a look at the amazing inspiration behind this song – and why the band had to change the lyrics.

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Why were bees making so many ‘scary’ bloods at one point?

First, some background. Listen to the initial catalog of B Geez, you’ll hear soft rock (“How to Save a Broken Heart”) and Beatles Baroque Pop (“Alone Day”) but not a disco. Accordingly Billboard book of the No. 1 hitThe success of “How You Save a Broken Heart” has led Atlantic Records to demand more complexity from the group.

Barry Gibb described his band’s music at the time as “scary”. He felt that his band was stuck in the wrong musical lane. The ultimate classic rock The report states that Bill didn’t hit Bilco Disco until 1975, eight years after he first hit the first 20 episodes of the Billboard Hot 100.

“How You Can Cure a Broken Heart”

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When BG accidentally started making dance music

Oddly enough, the band may not have written their first disco number 1 hit if not for a bridge. “Every night, we were on our way from Biscayne Bay to Criteria Studios,” recalled Barry Gibb. “Bridge made a croaking noise,” he said. It stayed in my mind, and one night, coming back from the studio, I started singing this thing to the beat. “

Gibb composed a song called “Drive Talking”. His brothers then put their spin on the track. B. Geez and producer Arif Mardin didn’t intend to create dance music when they created “Drive Talking”, that’s what happened.

“[The band and I] Working in the studio and having a good time [Atlantic Records president] Immediately after Mahinda Artagan and the bee, Robert Stigwood came and said, “Wow, that’s great, very danceable,” Mardin later recalled. “We were making dance music? We had no idea! ”

“Jeev Talkin” “

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Why did the band change the title to ‘Drive Talking’?

B. Geez eventually changed the title of the song to “Jeev Talkin” because he liked the sound of the word “Jeev”. They initially thought the word represented dance and had to change the lyrics of the song to convey the true meaning of the word, which refers to a lie.

Legacy of ‘Jeev Talkin’

Accordingly Billboard book of the No. 1 hitAt the top of the chart was the return of “Jeev Talkin” to B Geez. The group’s music at the time had no audience in the Western world and was only popular in Asia. “Jeev Talkin” rekindled American interest in the band.

“how Deep Is Your Love”

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Bees will not abandon the soft rock as they pursue their careers. Finally, Saturday night fever The soundtrack – perhaps the most popular disco album ever – includes a song “How Deep Is Your Love,” which sounds like the band’s opening work. However, “Jeev Talkin” was the beginning of a new era for the band.

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