B3 is closed for business, but the New York Stock Exchange moves on to the last day of the year

B3 is closed for business, but the New York Stock Exchange moves on to the last day of the year

December 31st is the day to recharge your batteries for the start of the new year, which is why most financial services don’t work or operate with reduced hours. She Main world exchanges and our B3 . contains a good portion of – Which ended the year with a loss of 11.93% and whose next trading session will be on Monday (31).

But not everyone agrees that today is the day to brake. we weFor example, local markets function normally. Even with low liquidity and concerns about coronavirus variants on the radar, stock exchanges look ahead to the last day of 2022.

At around 11:35 am, New York’s three major stock indexes are trading with gains. see below:

  • Dow Jones: +0,04%;
  • S&P 500: +0,14%;
  • Nasdaq: +0,20%.

In addition, year after year, US stock exchanges are showing off. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq are up more than 20%, while the S&P 500 is up nearly 30%.

In China, which follows a different calendar from the Western calendar, the day also remained normal. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, the sector’s biggest, closed up 0.57% and ended 2021 with an accumulated advance of 4.80%.

In Europe, the operating pattern was different in each country: the Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid stock exchanges were closed, while London, Paris and Lisbon operated with shorter hours and ended the day with losses ranging from 0.04% to 0.28%.

Kovid-19 again disrupts airlines’ holiday

Apart from low liquidity in global markets, forex continued to weigh in on fears about the Omicron version of the coronavirus.

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On the eve of the arrival of 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned the world that the simultaneous circulation of delta and omicron variants could trigger a tsunami of COVID-19 cases.

“Delta and micron are the twin dangers that are pushing cases to record numbers, which is once again leading to hospitalizations and deaths,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

With that, and as happened on Christmas, airlines around the world started canceling flights again. Companies with infected employees face logistical difficulties in the wake of a new wave of the virus. In the United States, for example, JetBlue, Allegiant and United Airlines cut more than a thousand flights.

In Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airlines suspended cargo flights for a week due to strict quarantine requirements for its employees, according to The Associated Press, According to a company statement, flights to Europe, the Pacific and to Riyadh and Dubai are suspended until January 6.

Apart from travel, Covid-19 also disrupted celebrations across the world. Fireworks were canceled in London, Paris and Kuala Lumpur and India imposed restrictions on the holiday season.

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