Coronavirus: solutions for hybrid work should stand out in 2021 – ópoca Negócios

Coronavirus: solutions for hybrid work should stand out in 2021 – ópoca Negócios

Renata Zanuto, Co-Chief Kubo Itau (Photo: Disclosure)

Innovation Hub Itau Cube Completed five years in 2020. This year was a period of intense movement and maturity of startups and companies in relation to innovations, investments and acceleration.

On Monday’s Negnesh (12/28), Renato Zanuto, co-head of Kubo Itau, looks back on the year 2020, and talks about prospects for 2021.

The executive mainly highlights the progress of Brazil’s innovation ecosystem. “The ecosystem matured a lot in 2019 and 2020, with huge contributions, with global investors looking at Brazil, startups that acquired startups, it was an extremely interesting movement. Brazil lagged behind only China and the United States. Generating unicorns, he says, showing the potential of Brazil “.

For 2021, Renata says expectations are very promising, despite the fact that it is still a time of uncertainty. Nevertheless, she believes that the year should keep warm with investment, the emergence of new startups and new units and, primarily, the continued development of solutions built in 2020 to deal with the epidemic, especially health, education And in the field of financial services. . “There will be a lot in a very promising ecosystem. There are opportunities and challenges to solve”, he assesses, exposing them to the new world of hybrid activities that will demand the moment. “2021 will be very reflective about this hybrid work and how to best build it”, he believes, adding that Cube remains as a testing lab for new models and helping both startups and large companies To do is as a hub. In Digital and Cultural Change. “Companies that want to remain relevant and competitive may now fail to keep entrepreneurship as a strategic part of the business”, he concluded.

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