Ballet 248 predictions, preview for ‘MVP vs. Huston’

Ballet 248 predictions, preview for ‘MVP vs. Huston’

Ballet 248: “MVP vs. Huston” arrived at the Accor Arena in Paris, France yesterday morning. (September 10, 2020), aired on the CBS Sports Network. A great prospect takes on the Welterweight Division’s “MVP” in the main event, and in addition a European Series card is titled by a heavyweight remake.

Let’s break it down:

170 lbs.: Michael Page (17-1) vs. Ross Houston (8-0, 1 NC)

From September to December last year, Michael Venom Page took off for a while after winning three worldwide competitions in short order (Dublin, London and Saitama). He certainly did not plan to quit It’s long, But the global epidemic ruined the well-planned plans of rats and humans. Fortunately, Page Batt in Paris means a relatively short flight from home, and given that very few people nowadays want to travel internationally, he may have most of his planes. Even if you have.

Cage Warriors legend Ross “The Hitman” Houston will not be touring the world, as he only needs to make his way from Inverness, Scotland to Accor Arena. He makes a strong start to the fight with losses on his record, three wins and five decisions by presentation. The important thing here is that he did not win a single victory by Nakaya. He’s a physically torn guy at 6’2 and I have no doubt he has the strength, and he’s got Straight Blast Gym training partners so I don’t doubt his ability, but They don’t make strikers like MVP every day. . This is crystal clear if I want to choose a guy with 11 naka outs and a guy with no one.

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Final Prophecy: Michael Page’s Doomsday Head Kick

170 lbs.: Oliver Encamp (9-2) vs. Emmanuel Dawa (9-3)

Oliver Encamp has won the European series back-to-back, and his first-round performances by Lewis Long and Walter Gahadaza have been impressive. If the arenas can be filled to capacity in 2020, the claim will be a “local favorite” and I doubt their enthusiasm may be offset to some extent, but he is a very tough fighter who has won two and One loses, and he doesn’t even fight. He has top competition in the weight class. I think Encamp should take it by the hand.

Final Prediction: Third round rear bare square by Oliver Encamp

160 lbs.: Ryan Scope (11-3) vs. Alan Omar (23-5)

I’m not sure I’d like the nickname “Big Baby” after losing three of my last four fights, but for Ryan Scope it’s the same. Fighting with Alan Omer, they are certainly not making it any easier on the scope, on a five-fight winning streak, with the last four ending and the last. Two Coming in the first round. Omar won 35% of his fights (eight out of 23) by knockout and 52% (12 out of 23) by submission. The scope is a bit more balanced with 40 percent by both knockout and presentation (four out of 11) but I don’t think it helps.

Final Prediction: Ellen Omar through first round technical nook

145 lbs .: Mads Burnell (13-3) vs. Darko Benovich (15-7)

Mads Burnell made her way to the Ballet MMA card with three straight wins and four straight wins in the Cage Warriors. Benovich won the first round technical knockout in Austria and England, respectively. It’s obviously a style vs. style battle where Burnell will try to pull Benoit to the ground while Benovik will try to keep Burnell at a distance and chase him away with his hands and feet. Benovich has only been featured once and has won six of his own, so his defense and the GU-Jitsu game seem to be on par.

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Final prediction: Darko Benovich by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Chick Congo (30-10-2, 1 NC) Vs. Timothy Johnson (14-6)

If you’re going to have the first big MMA card in France, there’s no better candidate to lead the way than local hero Chick Congo. “The Darkness” represents his country around the world before June 2001, which makes it ironic that the 45-year-old fighter has never been accepted on home soil. . While this will be an incredible emotional moment for Congo, he cannot support the emergence of the moment in view of his opponent’s strange-poor almanac power.

However, Timothy Johnson did not follow suit when the fighters first met at Bellator 208. In fact, it gave Congo 68 seconds and Johnson was sent to the canvas to win the Naca Win, the most impressive of his long and destination career. Johnson has since revived his career, however, ending both Tyrell Fortune and Matt Matrun in first-round back-to-back fights. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Johnson’s victories (seven out of 14) come from the power of the punch, so to assume that a single fight will go the same way is risky.

Becoming the home country’s favorite in the main event never guarantees victory in any promotion, as Alessio Scara has proved on many occasions. The good news for Congo is that it has a unique balance of size and power at 6’4 “and 230+ lbs. This makes him a little thinner than a slow heavyweight, and his huge 82-inch wings allow him to break the stumbling blocks before his opponents can close the gap. As the fighters age, they lose momentum before they lose strength, so the Congo doesn’t have to be fast – just right. Johnson is only an inch short but leaves a four-inch reach, so to win he has to put the Congo on the cage and wear it down, then lower the small elbows and hands when they break.

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Final prediction: Chick Congo through the second round technical innings

It’s a wrap!

MM The CBS Sports Network will cover Ballet 248 tomorrow morning. Be sure to check out our comprehensive news archive to see the latest news and notes related to Bellator MMA. Right here.

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