Bandsports Orders the Broadcast of the Arena Freestyle Show in Caraguatatuba – Caraguatatuba’s City Hall

Bandsports Orders the Broadcast of the Arena Freestyle Show in Caraguatatuba - Caraguatatuba's City Hall

In the program of the main sporting events in Brazil, Caraguatatuba is getting ready to receive a grand show of radical maneuvers with the best names in the country when it comes to freestyle. Almost everything is ready in the city to host the Arena Freestyle Motocross this Saturday (6) from 20:00, which will also be valid for the modalities of the Brazilian Championship. The competition will take place in a grand structure in the Praça de Eventos Porto Novo. The event will be streamed live through YouTube and on the Bandsports channel with a good share.

#PraCegoVer: The pilot takes off during an edition of the Arena Freestyle show (Photo: Publicity)

The sports giant of subscription channels will be largely responsible for presenting the event and, consequently, Caraguatatuba throughout Brazil. According to the channel’s official schedule, Arena Freestyle Motocross will go live across the country from 9 pm onwards. The event goes live on the Bandsports schedule until 22:30, when the brawls are over. With the slogan “Always for your sport”, the channel is about to complete its 20-year history of always being among the main events in Brazil. Present across all subscription operators, Bandsports is tuned to the following numbers: 75 or 575 nets; 75 or 575 Clear; 463 or 575 live; 114 or 168 OI; and 210 or 610 Sky.

Motocross fans who guarantee their participation in the event will be able to closely follow a spectacular structure with ramps of up to 20 meters and which allow the best riders in Brazil and some of the world’s best riders to push their bikes to the limit. Will take, will make sure. A true show of radical maneuvers.

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The biggest name of the sport in Brazil and respected around the world, Fred Kirillos is sure to be present at the event, but this time only as a commentator, as he is recovering from an injury. Besides them, Marcelo Simoes, who was a six-time Brazilian champion and world champion best whip in Germany, and Gian Bergamini, who has already won the Urban Games title and was the first Brazilian to participate in the X-Games and Night. Jumps would be present in search of victory at the Caraguatatuba stage.

force and action team

In addition to the extreme maneuvering show on Saturday night, Arena Freestyle will also have an actual show on Sunday (7), starting at 10 a.m., featuring the Forca e Echo team. The team became even more famous throughout Brazil. Internationally – Japan, the United States and countries in Latin America and Europe – ensure the success of the public at the show.

During the show, which lasts an hour, a group of professional and union riders maneuver with a 110 to 1000 cc motorcycle and a quadricycle. Over 50 different maneuvers are displayed with many special effects, explosions, motorcycle flamethrowers, drifts, pyramids, jumps in arcs of fire! A show that enthralls the audience wherever they go, bold and thrilling where the machine and the driver merge with adrenaline and emotion.

Admission to this show will be free.

#PraCegoVer: Image, location, timing and sign of the food exchange for the Arena Freestyle Show (Photo: Promotions)


The Arena freestyle show will be part of a larger social action developed in partnership with the Caraguatatuba Social Solidarity Fund and for this, tickets to the stand will not be sold, but will be exchanged for two kilos of rice or beans.

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To make life easier for those who wish to attend the event and closely follow the entire spectacle, three exchange points were made available for tickets.

Check out the places:

– Universe Honda Caragua – Rua Major Aires, 379 – Centro – Contact: (12) 3886-9999

– Still Ceramar Shopping – Avenida. Jose Herculano, 1086 – Pontal Santamarina – Contact: (12) 3885-9696

– Good Shape Sports Nutrition – Rua Altino Arantis, 473 – Centro – Contact: (12) 99775-0627


– Arena Freestyle Show

– Statistics: November 6, 2021 (Saturday)

– City: caraguatatuba

– Gate Opening: 19h

– Autograph Sessions: 19 hours 30

– Beginning of the presentation: 20h

– Closing schedule: 22h30

– Local: Porto Novo Events Square – Alameda José Francesconi, 1690

Arena Freestyle Show:

Availability: City Hall of Caraguatatuba

Sponsorship: Monster Energy and Ipiranga Lubricants.

Help: MCB – Moto Chanel Brazil, Pro Moto E Dirt

Supervision: National Motor Sports League.

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