Bapare, what a strange thing! Man swallowed whole Nokia 3310 mobile, three pieces in stomach, doctor shocked by X-ray

New Delhi, August 8 There are many strange things happening around the world. Often one would have heard of accidentally swallowing fruit seeds, pins or other small things. A small thing was swallowed by mistake, it is understandable. But a strange incident has come to the fore where a person swallowed a big mobile phone. A 33-year-old man has been found swallowing a Nokia 3310 model phone. A person swallowed a 3310 model mobile phone made by the Nokia company in 2000. The phone was lying in the stomach of the person for 4 days. But the important thing is that this person was operated upon after reaching the doctor and the doctors were successful in saving his life. The person said that as soon as he reached the hospital, he swallowed such a big phone. The doctors were stunned to hear this. A 33-year-old man living in the Balkan state is wondering how this strange incident happened. The phone ingested by the person also had a battery and small buttons. It is a matter of surprise how such a big phone got off its neck. When the man started having unbearable pain in his stomach, he went to the doctor, after which the doctor decided to operate on him as soon as possible. In the X-ray report, the doctor told that there were three parts in the stomach of the phone. Part of it was the battery. This was the biggest concern. If the battery remained in the stomach for a long time, there would be a risk of explosion. The person’s life was in danger due to the harmful chemicals in the battery.

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The team of doctors operated on the young man. He also shared on Facebook a photo of a mobile phone removed from his stomach. The mobile was removed by endoscopy. A 34-year-old man also swallowed the phone while intoxicated. It was just stuck in his throat.

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