Basketball is the best controlled Olympic sport for COVID-19 in the country; Understand

Basketball is the best controlled Olympic sport for COVID-19 in the country;  Understand

RIO – Brazil’s sport is far from over-vaccine controversy, as is the case in the United States, where one of the NBA’s main stars, Kyrie Irving, has yet to play this season because he was denied vaccination. But neither the flag is hoisted throughout the national sport nor the image of the athletes is added to publicize the vaccination.

As well as the fight against the epidemic in the country, there is no standardization of protocols on vaccination at sporting events – with the exception of Olympic athletes who were able to be vaccinated in advance under the coordination of the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

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Of the main competitions currently in contention, only the NBB requires the vaccination of all athletes. The remedy is simple: you are vaccinated (completely or within the time limit for the second dose); Do not play late, first or second dose. Before the start of the season, only two players did not want to be vaccinated. Under the league’s protocol, they became immunized. Today about 85% are with full vaccination and only 15% are waiting for a second dose. Everyone will get both doses by December.

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– We have had some inquiries or requests for exceptions by athletes for religious reasons or by personal preference. The requests were denied and the professionals in question understood that the league does not oblige anyone to vaccinate and respect all assumptions – says Paulo Bassul, the National Basketball League’s technical-operations director.

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Flamengo’s volleyball team has vaccinated all members for the Superliga Photo: Marcelo Cortés / Flamengo

The strictness does not stop here. Even fully or partially vaccinated, athletes continue to be tested before games. Control is done by the league. For technical committees and referees, full vaccination is mandatory.

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– Vaccination has been proven to enhance the protection of the entire ecosystem and, as we are talking about team members and referees who work indoors, without masks, with physical contact, across the country Passing through airports and hotels across the world, it is of course that we have to double down on the health care of these professionals. And full vaccinations and frequent testing make this a powerful combination to seek protection — Basool says.

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In addition to basketball, the country’s major sports, which only require swimming, have, in recent competitions, required vaccination of people in the age group of their cities. If the vaccine was not available, they were required to provide a justification at the time of withdrawing the credential. For upcoming events such as the Brazilian Championships, the Brazilian Water Sports Confederation will prepare the protocol.

– From a safety point of view, all clubs and associations should require athletes to be vaccinated, as this will reduce outbreaks throughout the season. It is known that the risk of transmission is low during sports (competition). But sporting events are not just that. It’s a measure that benefits everyone involved – says infectionologist Alberto Chebabo, vice president of the Brazilian Society of Infectology, noting that testing is extra care with vaccination. “Having more layers of protection isn’t bad, but it’s often done. Every 15 days is of no use. Vaccinated people have a lower risk but can catch and transmit. But it’s expensive and This should be taken into account.

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Another argument in favor of compulsory vaccination according to the expert is the educational factor.

They are idols, celebrities who can publicly set an example and inspire more people to get vaccinated.

volleyball and gymnastics

Not all organizers were demanding and vaccination is optional. However, they are required to comply with applicable municipal and state decrees.

In Rio, for example, the latest decree allows entry to gyms and stadiums with a full vaccination or antigen/PCR test in the past 48 hours. It goes to the public, which is now released in competitions and for show makers. In So Paulo, the document is also requested. The test should be done by people who have not completed vaccination or have not yet been vaccinated. However, there are cities that have not followed the passport.

Gymnasts at an event in Porto Alegre: Vaccinations not required Photo: Publicity
Gymnasts at an event in Porto Alegre: Vaccinations not required Photo: Publicity

Tennis, judo, athletics, futsal and volleyball competitions follow this line. Each has its own protocol, including testing and blistering, but vaccination was left up to clubs and athletes. If the cities of the events require full vaccinations, clubs must follow the order.

For example, the women’s volleyball teams of Flamengo and Fluminense have their vaccines up to date.

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According to the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation, the Superliga started on the 23rd (men’s) and 28th (women’s), with only 63% of the athletes fully vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated include those who have time to take a second dose.

The organization explained that athletes without full vaccination would have to be tested every 15 days. And, if vaccination passports are required at any headquarters, it will be up to the customer to restrict those who do not agree. athlete or fan.

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The Brazilian Confederation of Gymnastics explained that participants, ranging from gymnasts to judges, must submit a PCR done 72 hours prior to the accreditation that grants access to the competition. In Porto Alegre, the national rhythmic gymnastics tournament is being held with these rules and without spectators. The organization told that this year it will not open the gate

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