Basketball: Pivot Lucas “Baby” Announces Retirement at 28

Basketball: Pivot Lucas "Baby" Announces Retirement at 28

Dhuri Lucas “Babe” Nogueira announced on his social network on Wednesday (3) that he was retiring from the basketball court at the age of 28. “It was a very surprising thing for a lot of people, including my family. Nobody expected that decision. But it was a quiet-headed decision. I kept the pros and cons in my career. I am very grateful for the basketball that I have provided. The time has come to stop, mainly, in my head, and in my body. Unfortunately, I have been suffering a lot of injuries lately, and It was one of the pillars for me to decide. Now you don’t have horns to follow the best thing, are you looking for something else that makes you happy “Lucas said in a note.

Carioca, who was asked to be released from Fortaleza basseteer Serens in January last year, said: “I always knew that after almost two years it would be very difficult to return to the courts, but I was ready to take on this challenge. However , Injuries. Did not give me time, I made this difficult decision and asked Fortaleza Basket Serenity to leave, “Finished.

At the club of Central, Nitroi, Lucas Nogueira moved to Spain at the age of 17. There he stood outside in Estudines and even went through CB Las Rosa before moving to the United States. In the NBA, he was selected as the 16th choice overall by the Boston Celtics in 2013. But he made his debut in the world’s main basketball league in 2014. For four seasons, he has always defended the Toronto Raptors. During this period, he played 141 games, averaging 3.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1 stump per game.

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He then returned to Spain to defend Funelabrada. But this new route through the old continent was not as successful as before. He stayed there for a few months, played only nine games and decided to take a break from his career and return to Brazil in search of better physical conditioning. It was announced in October last year as a reinforcement of the Fortaleza Basket Serenity. For the Brazilian team, Dhuri competed in the 2010 Under-18 World Cup. In 2013, he asked the green and yellow team for layoffs. At the end of 2018 he was called by current coach Alexander Petrovich, but was cut from a calf injury. In October last year, he was called up again by Petrovich for games against Panama and Paraguay for the Copa America qualifier, but did not participate.

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