Batman returns to Fortnite with a new look; check out

Batman returns to Fortnite with a new look;  check out

Today (5) Fortnite got the character of Batman Zero, a new version of Batman to use in the popular Battle Royal.

The trailer featuring Batman – Ponto Zero also featured a few other characters that would be in the collection: it is possible to see Senhor Frio and Canario Negro. Watch:

Each issue of Batman X Fournight brings a new character to download in the game and when purchasing all six magazines the reader / player receives a code to purchase the new Hero’s costume – which is now purchased directly from the game store for 2100 can go. V-Bucks, the currency of Fortnite.

Batman on Loya de Fortnite

Photo: Fortnite / Reproduction

The Batman – Zero Point package includes the character, a worn cover, a bat-pick and bat-glider, as well as a loading screen with the bat on the game island.

This is not Batman’s first appearance in Fortman, the character was released other versions for the game in previous years, with traditionally inspired costumes for comics and cinema.

Last Batman Costumes in Fortnite

Last Batman Costumes in Fortnite

Photo: Epic Games / Disclosure

For free play, Fortnite is available for Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Batman X Fortnite Miniseries is published in Brazil by Panini, as well as released to the USA.

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