Battery health increases after recalculation on iOS 14.5, iPhone 11

Battery health increases after recalculation on iOS 14.5, iPhone 11

Among the innovations introduced by beta 6 of iOS 14.5 (which is in the meantime Reached beta 8) There is also a Battery recalculation system Who interferes its iphone 11, 11 pro I 11 pro max. Apparently, in fact, the current instrument is not sufficiently accurate to assess the health of the battery, and may produce an incorrect evaluation.

After installing the update, the start of the process will be indicated by a message in the “Battery status”, stating that this is not an immediate reassembly, but requires a few weeks of running in contrast: and indeed In about two weeks beta 6 release starts to take off User report With an iPhone by the previous generation. Obviously, After the new measurement The percentage of residual capacity related to the battery increases to a few percent: Journalist 9to5Mac For example, Benjamin Mayo recorded a 4% increase in percentage, from 86 to 90%. Even threads on Reddit are populated with similar reports, with positive differences ranging from a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 8%.

Obviously, the battery inside the smartphone does not change at all, and the way the smartphone is evaluated only changes in that situation.: Although fixing the parameters is particularly important, not only because the user can have a more accurate idea of ​​the life expectancy of their device, but also because an inaccurate measurement of that data can lead to the activation of those measures Precautionary measures are to reduce peak performance (a mechanism that, in any case, turns on only when battery status is detected, are important, and only after one year from marketing each model – its Means that for example iphone 12 Not yet subject to this measure).

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(Update April 17, 2021, 11:14 pm)

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