BBB21: Viih tube has already placed guinea pigs in the microwave

BBB21: Viih Tube já colocou porquinho da índia no microondas - Divulgação

Despite an unexpected name among BBB21 fans, Viih Tube is the eighth confirmer of the Camarote group, and one of the biggest influencers today, with more than 39 million followers on digital networks and platforms.

In 2013, when he was 12, he started his own video channel, which received more than 800 million views.

He got into many controversies on the web, mainly for planting a guinea pig in the microwave and spitting in a cat’s mouth.

Among other commercial achievements, he has written two books, acted in several web series launched on his channel and most recently, scripted and acted in a film. He dreams of acting in a soap opera.

personal life

Viih Tube has been dating 22-year-old influential Bruno Magary for almost two years. They live together for one and a half years.

Addicted to tattoos, she claims that she has turned ten years old in a single day. She says that Prozota’s song ‘Molec de Villa’, is the song that best defines it.

He was born to know BBB, but began to follow the program more intensely in the 18th edition, being a fan of RedeBBB’s presenter and presenter, Ana Clara.

He was a blonde, red and brunette. They believe that changes in the look are important to mark the changes in life.

In the end, he never hid the aesthetic procedures he performed to his millions of followers:

“It’s nothing new for people who are with me. I have silicone, I had liposuction, I have contact lenses on my teeth, I put filler in my mouth and have a bisectomy”.

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