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HighlightA link which is currently being surveyed to receive gifts from several WhatsApp WhatsApp is going viral. Before clicking on any link, it is necessary to check whether the link is correct or not.

There are very few people who are not currently using WhatsApp. But now there are cases of users being cheated using this app. Recently, a survey message went viral on WhatsApp. Through Amazon you will receive a gift that the survey is circulating through WhatsApp. But if you get this message, then you can definitely get caught in a big scam. Because it is a fake message and there is no fact in it.

This message has a URL and if you click on it you will be given a chance to win a free gift. Clicking on it opens a survey page. Some personal information is also sought. It asks many questions like user’s age, gender and how much rating you would give to Amazon. It also asks which smartphone you use, Android phone or iPhone. There is a timer on this page which makes the person feel instantly and the concerned user gets stuck in it. After answering several questions, the user sees some gift boxes on their screen. After clicking on it, you are told that you have won the Huawei Mate 40 smartphone. But to get this gift, you are asked to share a quiz with five groups or 20 people.

Read it from this fraud

In any such survey, the user often does not get any gift, but the user gets stuck in it. The URL that appears in this quiz is fake. Often, even after such a link, users do not seem to know about it. But no gift is given through such a survey. To avoid such scams, users need to be vigilant and identify the real URL. When you see this URL, it will show junk and unwanted characters.

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