“Beautiful, simple and Nordic in design”: they build a satellite out of birch wood to launch into space

"Hermoso, sencillo y de diseño nórdico": Fabrican un satélite con madera de abedul para lanzarlo al espacio


14 June 2021 12:11 GMT

The mission’s authors hope to draw attention to the use of more renewable materials and move space technology away from fossil materials.

WISA Woodsat, the first satellite made of plywood, ready for you launch before the end of the year.

The unique mission, which aims to test the durability of renewable materials in orbit, came to Finnish writer Jari Makinen, founder of the company Arctic Astronautics, who he says was inspired by his passion for model airplanes.

The satellite is a CubeSat, which is a type of nanosatellite 10 cm The side that is made from standardized boxes with panels made of plywood.

The only non-wooden exterior are the aluminum corner rails used for the display in space, as well as a metal selfie stick.

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“The base material for plywood is birch, and We are basically using the same one found in hardware stores Or to make furniture,” explained Samuli Nieman, chief engineer at Woodsat and co-founder of Arctic Astronautics.

The main difference that Nieman mentioned lies in the fact that, due to the moisture content of ordinary plywood, they have had to put it through a drying process.

minisatellite, which will be launched to a height of 500 or 600 kilometersIn Sun-synchronous orbit, it will carry sensors on board to monitor its position. There will also be a selfie stick with a pair of cameras that can take satellite images.

the team is waiting Draw attention to the use of more renewable materials Moving into space and space technology away from fossil material, inspiring people interested in space and satellites.

“Al Final, Woodsato It is simply a beautiful item in terms of simplicity and traditional Nordic designIt should be very interesting to see it in orbit,” Makinen said.

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