Before Christmas, Mars marks an “Angelic figure” near the South Pole.

Before Christmas, Mars marks an "Angelic figure" near the South Pole.

While Santa is ready Christmas on Earth At Earth’s North Pole, angels are going on holiday The South Pole of Mars. One week before Christmas, a spacecraft spotted an “angel image” and a large heart at the Martian South Pole.

This week, the European Space Agency’s high-resolution stereo camera on the Mars Express captured “a winged image of an angel, complete with halls,” as well as a big heart. The pair of festive silhouettes look bright red, in stark contrast to the light-colored color of the surrounding Martian sand.

This image provides a perspective view of a pair of silhouettes of an angel (left) and a heart (right) festival represented by ESA’s Mars Express near the fair’s south pole. This includes data collected by ESA’s Mars Express on November 8, 2020.

Bjorn Schreiner 2020 @ FU Berlin

Accordingly Space agencyThe darker color is due to the formation of sand dunes, which are composed of minerals found on Earth, such as pyroxene and olivine.

The south pole itself, which is currently experiencing heat, is located just outside the frame, to the right of the ethereal scene. During the Marston winter, the area will be empty in a mile-thick and 250-mile-wide ice cap – but, for now, ice stores are at their lowest annual levels.

Officials say the angel’s hand, which appears to be reaching to the left, is possibly a large supermassive hole – a strain on the planet’s surface that turns into ice and gas in the summer months.

Perspective-Vision-A-Heart - N-Mars-Article.jpg
This image provides a perspective view of the heart-shaped silhouette seen by ESA’s Mars Express near the South Pole of Mars.

Bjorn Schreiner 2020 @ FU Berlin

When the angel’s head and hall are formed when a brain object is mounted on the planet, the layers of the satellite are revealed which provide a glimpse of the long history of Mars. The heart is the result of a line of rocks that form the heart.

There are also Martian Dust Devils to the left of the image in the beautiful landscape. Soil devils, common on the red planet, strong winds blow dust from the surface.

Mars has been in the headlines in recent months after scientists discovered the South Pole Three new underground lakes – and the possibility of many more – indicates the possibility of the existence of micro-organisms.

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