Before Netflix, La Casa de Papel Failed in Spain

The Cast of La Casa De Papel (Courtesy/Netflix)

When the money heist debuted in Netflix The publicity was huge. Here in Brazil you only heard about it in conversation circles, and there was always someone to recommend the series. However, few people know that the series was a real failure on the Spanish Open TV.

Anyone who sees the label “Original Netflix” followed by the platform’s characteristic ‘Tudem’ sound cues, doesn’t always doubt that this isn’t actually an original production.

the money heist It premiered on the Spanish channel Antena 3 in 2015 and soon attracted public attention there. It is revealed that a few episodes later, The series turned into a true public failure. Ratings fell, due to which he was finalized in his 15th episode.

“We all moved on. We said goodbye, shed tears and hugs, and moved on to our next projects,” he recalls. Ursula Corberos, who plays the main character of the series, and also the narrator, Tokyo.

Later that year, Netflix discovered the series, It re-edited 15 episodes, turning them into two seasons of 22 episodes, each episode containing approximately 50 minutes of art.

reason for failure

According to an academic who studied European TV, Christopher MeiroIn an interview with Variety magazine, the blame for the series’ initial failure is how television programming is perceived in Spain.

“A real weakness in Spanish TV is that prime time shows, especially dramas, are very poorly programmed. Episodes are usually 100 minutes long and sometimes don’t start until 11:30. No matter how popular they are, they almost always lose momentum,” he explained.

already alex pinaMILF Producer the money heist He also believes that factors other than Showtime of late have led to a withdrawal from the public.

“The way we watch TV is brutally addictive. With shows like ours, when you add commercials and only air it once a week, you lose power with the audience, and The compulsion disappears. Streaming allows them to feed this addiction.”

Alex Pina, breeder of La Casa de Papel

Netflix was able to capitalize on the public’s concern for watching multiple episodes at once, and turned the money heist (key call money heist in the United States) in its most-watched non-English language series of all time.

The final part of television’s most beloved bank robbery saga premieres on streaming on September 3.

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