Benzedera’s Tips to Find Prosperity in Everything in Life

Benzedera's Tips to Find Prosperity in Everything in Life
With these tips you will learn to achieve prosperity in all walks of life.  know more!  - shutterstock

With these tips you will learn to achieve prosperity in all walks of life. know more! – shutterstock

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Achieving prosperity is the right of all people from birth. And to make this energy more and more present in our life, we are going to share some valuable tips, along with a lot of faith, so that it remains constant.

Tips from Benzadera for Prosperity

Bath to activate prosperity

basil sprig

sprig of rosemary

03 carnations from India

01 cinnamon stick

Boil cloves and cinnamon for 10 minutes, add fresh herbs, boil another minute and turn off. Boil for 20 minutes, let it cool down almost. Take a clean bath and pour the prepared ingredients upside down. Don’t go in the water anymore, just pat your body with your bath towel.

After a bath, prepare cress-enrichment oil, preferably in the waxing or new moon phases. Do this in a holy place in your home and in silence, with good concentration. You will need 3 tablespoons almond or jojoba oil, 3 drops ginger essential oil, 3 drops sandalwood essential oil, 1 drop bergamot essential oil, 1 bay leaf, 3 cloves and a few pieces of wood for the lower leg. Before using the glass vessel, boil it and clean it thoroughly. After drying well, add oil along with bay leaves and cloves. Add essential oils and keep in mind with great confidence that your paths are opening up to prosperity. Shake the bottle before each use to make sure the ingredients are mixed.

amulet of prosperity

You can also sew a small bag out of a light fabric, leaving one side open. Pour prosperity oil inside, cut 7 cloves and a cinnamon stick into three pieces. Add a handful of rope tobacco and keep it with you at all times.

request to the universe

Repeat 3 times for 21 days: “I thank the power of the universe for all the blessings I have received so far in my life. I recognize the existence of divine abundance, which has always been around me, but which I can Didn’t take advantage or maybe I didn’t even realize it. From today onwards, I will flow in rich energy and the universe will recognize this energy. I will receive with open arms and observe all opportunities, because now my paths are open” .

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