Berlin will not support Russian-German gas pipeline if Ukraine ‘surges’ – 12/12/2021

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BERLIN, 12 December, 2021 (AFP) — Ukraine will no longer be allowed to operate the controversial new Russian-German Nord Stream II gas pipeline in the event of an “escalation”, according to an in-principle agreement between Germany and the United Kingdom. . States, said the head of German diplomacy in this Sunday night (12).

Due to the tense security situation, it was agreed “between the Americans and the East German government” by Angela Merkel that “in the event of a further escalation, this pipeline could not operate”, Annalena Barbock told German TV station ZDF, while Western People are afraid. Invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

The German foreign minister, who attended a G7 meeting dedicated to tensions with Russia over the weekend and who will discuss the issue with his European partners on Monday, thus illustrates the threats German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made to Nord Stream II done – mostly hidden – .

In recent years the pipeline, backed by Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel with a view to ensuring gas supplies to Europe, has been heavily criticized by many countries.

The United States and Eastern European countries, starting with Poland, worry that Europe will become too dependent on Russia under Putin’s command.

In addition, Ukraine – by far one of the main transit countries for Russian gas in Europe – fears it will have to pay for the project, which leaves it aside, and becomes economically and diplomatically fragile. Is.

Western countries and Ukraine accuse Moscow of concentrating thousands of troops and tanks on the Ukrainian border for the eventual invasion, which the Russian government vehemently denies.


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