Best Doctor’s Return: Season 4, Episode 2 – [Spoiler] Dies from COVID

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Coronavirus epidemic approaches especially near home on Monday’s episode Good doctor, When Covid-19 claimed one’s life The most beloved nurses of St. Bonaventure.

At the beginning of “Frontline Part 2”, we learn that Morgan did a covid (but has since recovered) after coming in contact with a patient in last week’s season opener. Nurse Patringa (played by Carin Conowal from Season 2) was also exposed and later died, leaving a team of doctors (including Morgan and Lim) unable to stop the virus despite her work.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Claire Mlendez continued to grieve, whose spirit was with her when she was diagnosed with a dead COID. The patient’s Army Buddy made a valuable gift. Before leaving Claire (for good?), Melendez admits that her and Claire’s story was a bit off. She also assured him that her own surprise story was ahead of her.

On the relationship front, Lynn reunited with Shawn and Lee after arriving at Shawn’s place with three consecutive negative COVID tests; Park and Mian decided it was in their best interest not to make peace; And Glassman and Debbie made peace after an almost permanent rift was created by the quarantine.

Below, executive producer David Shore explains the significance of Melendez’s return, his decision to expose a leading worker to the coronavirus, and why he chose to take the show to the post-covid world, starting with Episode 3. Is.

TVline | Is this the last time we’ve seen Nicolas Gonzalez, or do you plan to bring Melendez back later this season?
Can’t deny it, but we have no plans. I don’t want to go into too much detail.

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TVline | Malandes (or at least one) Version of Mlendez) As she mourned, would Claire be able to pull herself together in a way she couldn’t when Breeze died?
Ironically, he is in a more mature place because he has had Dr. Melendez was with him. I think she helped her mother with her situation, and I think she helped [that experience] Helped him when [he died]. As he puts it inside [Episode 2], This time she is dealing with it. She is not running [from anything].

TVline | Is mourning part of Claire’s journey this season?
No, it won’t … I think one of the most interesting doors we’ve opened is Claire and Lim’s friendship, and how they’ll lean on each other. Both have lost something, and both have had a huge responsibility during these two episodes, so this is something I’m looking forward to embracing, and getting people to see.

Nurse Patringa moves to Covid-19 in Season 4, Episode 2 of 'The Good Doctor'TVline | Why did you decide to kill Nurse Pateringa?
It was important for us to show our lives [during the pandemic]. See, doctors are heroes. Everyone who works in the hospital is a hero, to shout out loud. During this time we owe it to them to risk their lives, every one of them. And, you know, when you’re doing a dramatic performance, if someone is risking their life, someone has to pay the price. We wanted to hug her.

Morgan recently recovered from Covid-19 in 'The Good Doctor' Season 4, Episode 2TVline | Just to confirm, this is the last episode that will focus on the epidemic, right?
We’ll hint at that at this point, but this is a post-Covid world [moving forward]. Our decision in this regard was a very difficult one. In my opinion, there is no simple answer … no right answer. If we assume that Kovid is still with us, that he is still with us and that we are still dealing with it, I think he will tell all the other stories we can. Seeing our characters wearing masks as if they were dealing with someone who needs, say, as serious as brain surgery would be a distraction. The distance will be a deviation.

On the other hand, we don’t just want to tell the world, the people who are watching, that everything has become normal, because it is No.. The real world does not return to normal, and we do not want to be seen wearing masks or supporting social distances. The agreement we have made is that we will have a statement [by Freddie Highmore] Before the upcoming episodes [saying] That this episode takes place in a post-coded world – that this episode reflects our hope for the future.

Glassman is different in 'The Good Doctor' season 4, episode 2TVline | Glassman’s story allows you to distinguish 65-year-old Richard Schilff from the rest of the cast. Will his pressure continue to spread outside the hospital this year, limiting the chef’s exposure to others during the ongoing, real-life epidemic?
Over time we will see him back in the hospital, and as we become more comfortable with our safety precautions [on set]. We will not lighten them, but we will be more comfortable with some things. That was part of the decision in the first episode, yes, he’s a former member of our cast, by comparison. We basically have a younger cast and older people are more vulnerable, and we knew about it.

I also think that his story was the most convincing of those two stories. Most of us have had a similar experience when we were at home. We get stuck with someone we care about, which is enjoyable And It’s challenging, and we’re going to have differences of opinion, and these differences are on issues that, you know, you didn’t talk about when you were dating or something like that. We tried to find humor and dominance in that story.

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Stunning performance in 'The Good Doctor' Season 4, Episode 2TVline | Going forward, what will we see next year that Shaan and Leah will take in their relationship this year?
The challenge this year is not “Can I make him like me?” Or “Does she like me?” The challenge this year is, “Can I make a relationship better?” These are all the problems in our relationship, and all the mistakes we make [make] In a relationship. Shaun has unique challenges, but he also has unique skills that allow him to deal with them differently. I always say the show is the best when we learn from the show, not the other way around.

TVline | You’re also in a great oversight role this season. How does this change the dynamics of the performance going forward?
It will be less about Shawn, Morgan, Park and Claire overseeing Lim and Andrews. It’s going to talk about Shawn, Morgan, Park and Claire overseeing the new first year residents who are coming under their jurisdiction, and if Shawn is ready for it.

What did you think of Part 2? Good doctorSeason 4 Premiere? And are you happy with the decision to go beyond the epidemic in the next episodes? Sound down.

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