Best NBA team, defeats the Jazz Clippers and wins for the ninth time in a row

Best NBA team, defeats the Jazz Clippers and wins for the ninth time in a row
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Utah Jazz continues to play NBA. The best team of the regular season so far, the Salt Lake City franchise played Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 114 to 96 to win their next straight on Wednesday. This is the 24th win in 29 matches for the Western Conference leader and the entire league.

The Jazz’s main points were point guard Donovan Mitchell – who was close to a 24-point “triple-double” (two points on three bases), seven rebels and seven assists – and French axle Rudy Bobert, who received “23 points and 20”. Double- Double ”of Rebonds (two points on two fundamentals).

Without stars Qui Leonard and Paul George, who have been injured, the Clippers had no match for the Jazz and it was guard Lou Williams to finish as the scorer with 16 points. The Los Angeles team is third in the West with 21 wins from 30 matches and is behind rival Los Angeles Lakers.

On the east side, the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets played at the Wells Fargo Center Gym in Philadelphia, and the hosts won 118 to 113. The highlight of the winning team was Joel Mbid. Cameron’s first half was with just eight points, but ended the match by tampering with a “triple-double” with 31 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists.

For the Rockets, point guard John Wall played during all 48 minutes of the game and played brilliantly in the final quarter with 28 points, seven assists and three rebellions. Pivot Demarcus Cousins ​​made another consecutive 19-point performance, in addition to eight rebounds and four assists.

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The win maintains the 76ers lead in the Eastern Conference with 19 wins and 10 defeats. The Rockets are 13th in the West with a campaign of 11 wins in 28 matches.

In the United States capital, the Washington Wizards hosted the Denver Nuggets at Capital One Arena, winning 130 to 128 in the final second of the game. This was the home team’s third straight victory – something that has not happened since December 2018. Nevertheless, he is in the 14th and punitive position of the East with nine wins and 17 defeats.

The Nuggets lost their second consecutive game – the second was to the Boston Celtics – and, with 15 wins and 13 defeats, captured seventh place in the West. He has the same track record as the Golden State Warriors.

Watch Wednesday’s NBA round:

Orlando Magic 107 x 89 New York Knicks

Boston Celtics 114 x 122 Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ers 118 x 113 Houston Rocket

Washington Wizards 130 x 128 Denver Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwells 128 x 134 Indiana Pacers

Chicago Bulls 105 x 102 Detroit Pistons

New Orleans Pelicans 124 x 126 Portland Trail Blazers

Memphis Grizzlies 122 x 113 Oklahoma City Thunder

Golden State Warriors 120 x 112 Miami Heat

Los Angeles Clippers 96 x 114 Utah Jazz

Watch the NBA Thursday round:

Milwaukee Bucks x Toronto Raptors

Los Angeles Lakers x Brooklyn Nets

Sacramento Kings x Miami Heat

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