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Oscar 2022 is away. Very far. It should only be between February and March 2022. There is a lot of water to run and we don’t even know how the nominees will be chosen for the next year – after all, in 2021, due to an epidemic of new coronaviruses, the academy accepted the films shown by the end of February. It is an indefinite award, more than this year.

However, throughout the year we always watch films that have the “smell” of Oscars. These are the productions that have everything to attend the awards. And like last year we saw movies like movies Pressure, Nomad I My father Before its theatrical debut, through international festivals, The corner This year is this betting post, fed throughout the year.

In other words: Under no circumstances are we going to put films that have not been premiered or that we have not seen. They are just presentations that have already formed our opinion, consolidated. So, we don’t have all the categories right now. As the year goes on we are increasing the list and things are becoming clearer. Always come back here! We will always have news in the forecasts.

Best documentary

run. It is very difficult run, The feature film that was shown on the occasion of It’s All True in Brazil, does not get one of the five spots in the best documentary. Ultimately, using animation techniques, the film tells the story of an Afghan refugee who has a past he likes to forget. Eventually, between his childhood and adolescence, he had to live with violent governments, the disappearance of his father, terrorism and, ultimately, a desperate escape to save his skin.

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Run out in category: Cespirese, And Netflix; I The day sports stand still, And HBO.

Best animation

Mitchell Family and Machine Rebellion. After a very weak award in this category in 2021, the absence of this Sony / Netflix production in the Best Animation at the 2022 Oscars is practically impossible. Feature film, which follows in the footsteps of the Oscars Spider-man in the spider-word, Is visually beautiful and has an impressive story. Not being nominated for the 2022 award is tough. And now, I dare to say: it must be one of the favorites.

Raya and the Last Dragon. How can this Disney animation be dropped from Oscar 2022? Although it was released well after the end of the Oscar eligibility period, the feature film focused on itself in the following months and did well at the box office in theaters in the United States. In addition, it is almost impossible for Academy voters to ignore any of Disney’s productions, no matter how good the competition.

Running out of category: run, The film we talk about in the best documentary.

Best special effects

Godzilla vs Kong. The record is relatively positive. After all, even though two of Godzilla’s films were summarily ignored by the Academy, Kong: Skull Island Received a well-deserved nomination in the Best Special Effects category. I dare say Godzilla vs Kong Care should be taken equally. After all, it is not always the case that two giant monsters face each other in this way. And let’s face it: there is a remarkable care in the entertainment of this world.

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Casual traveler. To talk about the recent nomination, midnight sky I Gravity They are there to prove it: The Academy likes to point out films dealing with loneliness as opposed to space, in this category. Casual traveler It is not Netflix’s hottest movie in that sense, nor is it unanimous. However, the strength of the special effects in the final sequence should guarantee a spot in the category – even though there are many, a lot of threats are coming soon.

Running out of range: mortal Kombat, Da Warner Bros .; Oxygen, The Netflix.

Best short documentary

Year the earth changed. Despite being an extremely difficult category to predict, usually with nominees from festivals, the best documentary can be relied upon in a short film Year the earth changed In the list. Produced by Apple, the short film depicts the impact of the epidemic on nature. The images are stunning, the production is tailor-made. However, it is worth remembering that this is an unexpected category and that Apple has skated at the Oscars so far.

Running out of category: The last cruise, And HBO.

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