The Playoffs – 4 Important Movies for Football Fans » Playoffs

The Playoffs - 4 Important Movies for Football Fans » Playoffs

The NFL is rooted in American traditions, and as a result, the game continually slips into the realm of pop culture. Thus, there are many film productions that approach American football in different ways. In these movies, it is possible to understand aspects of the game that are hidden only when watching the match. Check out our list of must-see movies for all sports fans:


Undefeated is not about the NFL, but it shows the importance of football to society. The documentary tells the story of coach Bill Courtney and the Manassas Tigers team, a high school team based on the outskirts of Memphis. The team came from a bad season and was considered the worst in the entire state, but was able to remain competitive thanks to the coach’s management.

Apart from all the parts of the game, the film also shows how important the game was to keep each of those youths away from the criminal world. Proof that this isn’t just another sports film that it won an Oscar for Best Feature Documentary in 2002.

big choice

The Big Choice Movie Behind the Scenes One of All NFL Fans’ Favorite Moments: contract. In the fictional story, the Cleveland Browns come to terms with bad results that threaten the team manager’s job. So, when it comes to Draft Day, he makes every effort to show that it is possible to change the team with the right choices.

On the Edge: The Story of Ernie Davis

Unfortunately, American football has a relatively recent history, marked by explicit racism in the segregation of blacks in the sport, which is still reflected in some expressions today.. The film tells the story of young Ernie Davis, who overcame these obstacles and became the first black man in history to win the Heisman Trophy, given to the best college football player in the United States, in 1961.

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all for the win

All for Victory is another film that showcases American society’s passion for the sport, told through the passion of a small town in Odessa, Texas, for the local team, the Permian Panthers. The area is undergoing a severe financial decay, which makes the team the sole pride of the residents. But, the result is huge pressure on the players and the coach. Based on the film, the daily routine of the team, sports routine to the problems and personal struggles of each athlete is shown. The story is based on a book and The remake of the film has already been confirmed, but still it has no release date.

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