Better Firefox to Bypass Windows Interference and Set “Default Browser” with One Click – GIGAZINE

Better Firefox to Bypass Windows Interference and Set "Default Browser" with One Click - GIGAZINE

Microsoft is the standard browser for Windowsmicrosoft edge“, And”firefox“Or”Google ChromeEvery user needs to change the settings to use another browser as the default browser, but the process to change this browser isWindows 10Orwindows 11Filled with criticisms for being malicious. In response to the hassle of changing browsers, “firefox 91There has been talk about improving the “default browser settings” and dealing with it brilliantly.

To make Firefox your default browser. Firefox Support

Mozilla beats Microsoft’s default browser security in Windows – The Verge

In Windows 10, when changing the default browser, default music player, etc., it is necessary to open the default application selection screen with the “Settings” application and then select the desired application.Firefox 90Similar settings were required for up to Firefox. The process to make Firefox the default browser on Windows 10 until “Firefox 90” is as follows.

First, click “Set as Default Browser” from the Firefox Settings screen.

Then, the default app selection screen of the “Settings” app will open automatically. If you click the “Web browser” field and select “Firefox,” Firefox will become the default browser.

As mentioned above, until Firefox 90, default browser settings were not accomplished with Firefox alone, and were required to work with the Windows “Settings” app. However, when setting Microsoft Edge, which is an actual Windows browser, as the default browser, it is possible to accomplish the setting with just Microsoft Edge without opening the Windows “Settings” application. Therefore, the Firefox development team reverse engineered the setting operation of Microsoft Edge, and from Firefox 91, realized the setting operation that does not require the operation of opening the Windows “Settings” application.

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In fact, let’s change the default browser from Microsoft Edge to Firefox using the latest version of Firefox, version 92.0 at the time of writing. If you click “Set as Default Browser” from the Firefox Settings screen…

With just one click, I was able to change Firefox to my default browser.

As mentioned above, Firefox 91 and later Firefox has simplified the default browser change settings in Windows 10.To be released on October 5, 2021It has been reported that changing the default app in Windows 11 is more complicated than in Windows 10. Nevertheless, there are reports that “Firefox was able to correctly set the default browser from the dialog on first startup, although this was not possible with other browsers”, so it seems likely that the change will be kept simple in Firefox.

Windows 11 has trouble changing default browser, first browser startup is the last chance to batch setting –GIGAZINE

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