Beyoncé is in talks to perform ‘Be Alive’ at the 2022 Oscars

Beyoncé is in talks to perform ‘Be Alive’ at the 2022 Oscars

shown in the category Best Original Oscar Song, Beyonce It may be close to fixing its performance at this year’s awards. That’s correct! According to information received from Variety, singer will be in conversation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the presentation of “be alive”Concurrent Music, Movie Tracks “King Richard: Rising Champions”,

Beyonce. (Photo: Instagram @beyonce)

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And the news does not stop here. Also according to the magazine, the venue chosen for the presentation will not be on the stage of the ceremony, but Live streamed live from the tennis courts in downtown Compton, the United States.

Tennis players often used to visit this place. Venus And Serena WilliamsWhen he trained under the watchful eye of his father, Richard, Despite all the possibilities of a winning performance, which may still be an early performance, Beyonce Talks are on with the Academy right now.

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second Diversity”The concept of the show started solidifying from last Monday (14). Although The hammer hasn’t been beaten yet on performance confirmation, The publication also highlights that “A possible scenario would be Will SmithJoe plays the film’s title character, appears on location with Beyoncé and continues to time travel“To shine a light on the awards.

It is worth remembering that music “be alive” running for the statue of best original song with “Dos Oruguitas”, “Down to Joy”, “Samahau You Do” and “No Time to Die”, Franchisee 007. FromHit track in voice of Billy Elisho, The 2022 Oscar winners will be revealed during the ceremony on Sunday, March 27.

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