Beyond Dimitriscu: Resident Evil meets the villain of the village

Beyond Dimitriscu: Resident Evil meets the villain of the village

Capcom recently released more information about the Lords Resident Evil Village, The villain that the protagonist Ethan would face during his journey in the village. While publicity material has paid far more attention to Lady Dimitrescu, the publisher has revealed more information about the other servants of Mother Miranda, the main rogue institution in the game.

See the pictures below and some details of some of the main antagonists who will be the players’ residence in the Evil Village.

Lady dimitrescu

Source: Capcom

Dear Audience and Topics Various universe, Alkina Dimitrescu has appeared in several promotional material for the game. With her three daughters, the vampire 2.90 m high Lives in a palace in the village.

PlayStation 5 players can already visit the site in the demo the maid, Which has support for ray tracing. This Saturday (24), The New game preview, Which will be released for PS4 and PS5, will allow you to play on campus and, who knows, even face Lady Dimitrescu.

Karl Heisenberg

Source: Capcom

Despite being reminiscent of the monster hunter Van Helsing, Karl Heisenberg is also the owner of Mother Miranda. Players will be able to find it in a factory, which promises to be more modern than the rest of the village.

In addition to appearing in promotional images already, Karl gained prominence Latest game trailer, Which showcases all the Gods of Mother Miranda.


Source: Capcom

Dressed entirely in black and with a covered face, Donna stands out not only for the enigmatic look, but also her “partner”. The lack of mom Miranda gives birth to a doll named Angie, who wears a wedding dress and looks sinister.

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An interesting detail is that the doll has already appeared in promotional material with very independent movements, which will certainly create some fear during the gameplay. Both are responsible for a place called Casa Beneviento, which brings strong inspiration Resident evil 7, According to Capcom.

Salvatore moro

Source: Capcom

Salvatore is the lord of Mama Miranda who seems less friendly between the game’s villains. According to the game’s art director, Tomonori Takano, the team created the character to be “the most disgusting on Earth”.

Players will find Salvatore Moro in the reservoir area. The site manages the village water supply and also has a lake.

Resident Evil Village May 7 will be released on eighth and ninth generation PCs and consoles.

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