Biden mobilized emergency agency to protest against increased illegal migration of minors – US

Biden mobilized emergency agency to protest against increased illegal migration of minors - US

US President Joe Biden’s administration has mobilized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to serve a growing number of small migrants traveling alone over the border and entering the US illegally.

According to the agency EFE, the head of immigration, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, revealed that FEMA would assist minors who “receive, host and safely move” to other government agencies during the next 90 days that reach the border . United States of america. United States with Mexico.

According to data published on Monday by The New York Times, 3,250 minor migrants have been detained in the past two weeks at the border and are being held in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) centers that accommodate not children but adults Are designed to do.

US law states that minors can stay in these facilities for a maximum of three days, but must then go to the Department of Health or Human Services (HHS), as long as they are assigned to a relative or guardian for the problem Do not be accused. The illegal immigration case has been resolved.

However, CBP centers are so out of place that there is not enough time to prosecute minors and they are detained on average for four days, according to which CNN television networks had access.

In his testimony, Macorkas acknowledged that CBP facilities are “not a place for children” and promised that minors would be moved to designated centers for the “earliest” purpose.

The US administration usually asks FEMA for help in the event of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, although they headed the agency in 2014, headed by Barack Obama (2009–2017), when thousands of children, mainly al. Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have reached the border with the United States.

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The arrival of migrants and refugees in the United States has exploded in recent months, as many see Biden as a more compassionate person than his predecessor, Donald Trump (2017–2021), a condition that is used by humans. Smuggling has also been done to build networks. And grow the business.

However, Joe Biden’s administration repeatedly emphasized the message that “the border is closed” and urged migrants not to attempt a trip northward to the United States.

At the same time, Republicans are using the issue to pressure and criticize the start of the Biden administration in addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

For example, the governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, accused Biden of causing a “border crisis” and even blamed migrants for increasing the number of Kovid-19 infections in his federal state, something that They made it available without any knowledge or in its entirety. Proof

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